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fuckerfree 2016.09.19
lets see how this game goes

Haroldb779 2016.09.02
Enjoyed the game, but it won`t continue to the car scene.

southhuai 2016.06.22
human and ghost, nice topic.
i like the girl, so beauty

blackleaf69 2016.05.26
sexy game it was i liked that

MikeyH74 2016.05.22
Yeah, disappointed in this one. Back to the awkward game play of episode one. More annoying drag and drop and that bloody heart! I find I am watching the heart more than I am watching the scene which really kills the mod. 4/10

sethh88 2016.04.01
this was a really good game but it could have been better

Ladiesman127 2016.03.25
Aesome game. In my opinion, this is best series of this game.

cambridge4453 2016.02.19
Gave up in the end; introducing so many elements at once messed up the storyline; the game spends time coaching you through the sex which is a slow and a BIG turn-off; the mouse disappeared behind the screen like in part one but not in part two.
The characters look great again but the sex scenes are weak; some great ideas but it gets lost somewhere along the line; shame because it looked so promising in part two

LordOrion61 2016.01.18
Seems like there are troubles into viewing the cursor so the game gets hard to play.

mitaka 2015.12.21
Great game. I would like to play it again, and again ...

Thank you !


xThrowy 2015.11.30
I don`t find it really good it`s a little boring and the history is a bit simplified....

Joukat 2015.11.19
really nice game i would like more like this one

Leuther 2015.11.13
if you are searching for THE BEST GAME THIS IS IT!!

Leuther 2015.11.13
the best fuck game ever!! you shouldnt miss this one!!

Leuther 2015.11.13
The best game ever played you guys must play this!!

Leuther 2015.11.13
the best fuck game ever!!

nocturna 2015.11.07
really it was just boring

pukk 2015.10.26
Quality scenes and Great girls

play40 2015.10.11
very nice, nice graphics,models,gameplay

Bloaker76 2015.10.10
Really loved these series :)

malacis 2015.10.08
Enjoyed the game quite a lot! Great work

Soccergod66 2015.10.08
it was ok, but they need to make the gameplay better

xXPROZEUSXx 2015.10.03
nice game full of details

pk2283 2015.09.30
nice game one of my favourrate game

Erickcastillo1977 2015.09.30
Excellent games ilove him

pk2283 2015.09.29
I play that game..... its awasm

Carlyle 2015.09.17
good game mechanics, but I still favour Pussoys - The Mummy Part 1 and 3

_doom_543 2015.09.13
Amazing series i got to tell you this is the best part of the series

hendryanto 2015.09.13
nice graphic. hope would be more challenging

smurfchicken 2015.09.01
not the best game or my favourite but its still pretty good

picatcho 2015.08.21
this is a really good game to play

*arnii* 2015.08.16
What`s the issue on FF? Can`t debug on such vague info.

l30bl00m 2015.08.16
Please fix for firefox private.

Pates41 2015.08.13
Hmmm this is haunted ─?sland :D ─░nteresting

Novvy 2015.08.12
I was thrown off with the style at first, but I grew quickly to like it. It was very challenging to find the right pace.

wizzywil 2015.08.09
couldn`t finish the game too hard

eses 2015.08.04
woooo what a great game excellent graphics

SineMetu 2015.08.01
I didn`t get past first scene. Nice & tender though:-)

MikeyH74 2015.07.30
Nah, couldn`t get in to this one. Didn`t get past the first scene.

JMHenriques 2015.07.25
Nice game play and story. The 3d models are not the best but the animations are very good.

givemeaname11 2015.07.21
Good game, a little confusing and difficult sometimes however

Koenjo40 2015.07.16
Great series! lovely story.

rocky1905 2015.07.15
Nice game but it was a bit hard

assassina 2015.07.05
graphics are good and it is different from others

tybolt 2015.07.04
different than others.. must try

*arnii* 2015.07.01
Rookey80 -If you can supply the voice actors I`d happily do that.

Rookey80 2015.07.01
I thought this game was a bit slow and slightly irratating because there was to much reading. Give the characters voices, would be much better with speech and sound.

Macster 2015.07.01
Hey *Arnii*,

I believe there is something wrong with your game. I have tried playing on IE and Chrome, but the game stops just after Chloe is giving the hand job to Ghost Bruce on both browsers. I tried clearing the cache but the games still stops at this point.

I can`t post the error here because the comment engine thinks they are links, instead of local links within the java file. I will try to create an account on your web-page and see if I can post there..



Dersonrn 2015.07.01
animation and graphic a bit old

nutz104 2015.06.27
Fun story. looking forward to the next game.

nutz104 2015.06.27
Fun game to play. good models

*arnii* 2015.06.25
bigbill69 - Thanks!

luv2drinku - that someone is me. And no I didn`t.

luv2drinku 2015.06.25
disapointing... it looks like someone made the game just to get done with it/

zerobill 2015.06.20
this game have a nice graphic

kenadams15 2015.06.16
some parts are repeating but awesome game

pjp 2015.06.16
Great game ,just gets better and better

*arnii* 2015.06.14
Vitali - last of the Haunted Island series, but many of the characters will reappear in my new games. It won`t be out for a while, but check out my forum for more info. arniigames.eu

vitali 2015.06.14
Getting better and better with each episode. It is a pity this is the last one. Good work Arnii! Voting 90%.
Only missing some alternatives - options in the story. Anyhow great job done.

0mnb1 2015.06.12
Hot game. BEtter than second part

xxxPeanutxxx 2015.06.11
Great series and really hot girls, well done!

Dersonrn 2015.06.11
not bad game, but it`s like not very graphic

DerFinne 2015.06.11
I was a bit dissapointed - was hoping for more sex with the sweet Blonde one

funinderby 2015.06.09
great game but played it through twice and got froze after the car journey

pjp 2015.06.08
Liked the game good graphics

Sparky01 2015.06.07
Has the best story among all similar games . Loved it !

eagleata 2015.06.07
Love it. everything is good.

traffic_x1 2015.06.05
Enjoyed the series.. :D

*arnii* 2015.06.05
oranjeboven - you need to hold the button move upwards and release. Contact me on my forum if you want more technical support.

bearbastard 2015.06.05
pretty straight forward, like a graphic novel,

oranjeboven 2015.06.05
Having some trouble with the basement scene. I click on the ghost and the hand turns green but nothing happens no matter what I do.

*arnii* 2015.06.05
cloneforce - What browser are you using? I know the css cursor might fail on some IE versions.

cloneforce 2015.06.04
Has a really good story to it but when I play it the mouse disappares and it makes it much harded to know where the mouse is at.

gimmino77 2015.06.03
very nice story, good and realistic the graphic

sanogol 2015.05.31
The car minigame doesn`t charge for me... i`m using firefox.

merlin789 2015.05.29
love this series not too hard

*arnii* 2015.05.29
it is not that the game has no quality control (I find that offensive). It is that the game may not work properly on some systems. Browsers are different, operating systems are different, there`s a million different plugins that could effect a game like this. Fact is I can`t fix if I can`t replicate the error - game works 100% fine for me on the systems I can test. It`s just me, I don`t have a team of developers or a budget to afford a device rack. If it doesn`t work for you contact me on my forum me and I will try and fix. Don`t moan that a free game has no quality control ffs.

CapnMorgan 2015.05.29
I admit I didn`t get to the very end of this yet, but one complaint I have is that if you try the mini games more than once, they don`t quite reset. I got stuck in the car with it getting blown up by a geyser even though none was showing. Finally had to skip it. Still I liked the story line and the overall game has potential, but needs just a little more quality control.

eroticgame123 2015.05.28
animation and graphic a bit old
but nice plot and story
keep it up

*arnii* 2015.05.28
EscapeEvade has been reinstated on the forum.

EscapeEvade 2015.05.28
Arnii, thanks! Just signed up with the name you suggested.

Jim97 2015.05.28
Pretty creepy concept, but it comes together relatively well

*arnii* 2015.05.27
EscapeEvade - create a new account called EscapeEvadeNew, I will then replace your old account with this new one. Don`t worry about giving a valid email, I will use the email you originally signed up with.

This happened because of a faulty plugin for the forum.

EscapeEvade 2015.05.27
Hey arnii, I`ve been trying to get into the forums for awhile. I hadn`t logged in for a few weeks, and now when I try to log in, I can`t. It just takes me to a blank screen. Guess I`ll have to make a new account? My screen name on your forums is the same as here.

I finally got around to playing Episode 3. Really enjoyed it. Is Amy a lawyer, then?

*arnii* 2015.05.25
MasterPlg - thanks for the praise, it took a long time to make. Condemning my eternal soul to endless and nuanced suffering is less appreciated.

MasterPlg 2015.05.25
marvelous chapter... but there should be special place in hell for that guy wich develop so buggy "fill heart" mechanic.

*arnii* 2015.05.23
swedenboy - join the forum at arniigames.eu for technical support.

swedenboy 2015.05.23
I cant get past the first sex scene ? Anyone who can help ?

merlin789 2015.05.23
great game i like it a lot, should be more of this type

Totto2706 2015.05.22
Hot and Funny Game, I really like it

xxxantonyxxx 2015.05.21
game is not loading for me..... while im loading it shows me a symbol of joystick :( wat shld i need to do for tis???!!

fergal 2015.05.21
Not a bad game, liked the others a bit better, worth playing though!

Tracker001 2015.05.20
Can`t go any slow for the opening scene . keeps failing .

Venusz 2015.05.19
Nice game with great sex scenes.

ahmadmaherkosomoko 2015.05.18
Cool games, I have played part 1,2 too and I like them :D

dash947 2015.05.18
Nice game! I think it has to work faster tho: Overall - GJ

pieffepi 2015.05.17
Good game, but the animation is a bit tricky. I like the idea, I hope there will be more

monerick 2015.05.17
I can`t play, because loadind don`t start

es 2015.05.16
great game, but stuck at the car game, at the end have to skip this part...

landru 2015.05.16
Good story and graphics. The one thing that I didn`t like was that I had to concentrate on the heart and couldn`t fully enjoy the animation.

DreamTim 2015.05.15
pretty good game. love the graphics. not too difficult

*arnii* 2015.05.15
Robot0073 - there is an issue with some setups where the game physics are not properly cleared when you retry. This has been resolved on most systems. I would try again after refreshing your browser cache to see if you were downloading old code. I may also be able to resolve any issue of you post more details on my forum.

MrToothman 2015.05.15
Very sexy girls and scenes however could be more challenging gameplay

geunie 2015.05.15
Great Game ARNII!
Don`t let anyone tell you different!
Those who critisize, should try to make a game of their own!

robot0073 2015.05.15
Ahhh, what`s up with this car game? It started off easy and then at the checkpoint I keep on getting stuck on the first geiser, car blows up even when there`s no more water.

63ted 2015.05.14
Good game but stuck with green hand in final on beach. No release or disappearance.

*arnii* 2015.05.14
soegaard81 - leave a comment on the game thread or email me and I will try to prvovide help. Thanks for playing.

soegaard81 2015.05.14
Great game, but atm i kinda got stuck on the beach with the 2nd yellow to green fist cant get that to work like the first one

shyman44425 2015.05.14
Very difficult to get the hang of. I must be a painful lover.

wizard2k2 2015.05.14
took a couple of tries to get through the game, but over all was rather fun...thanks arnii

speedyyyyy 2015.05.14
i cant find the hotspot for the beach house

justagirl18 2015.05.13
Great game, Fantastic Artwork, played without any errors or bugs, car game was easy, whip game was easy, all 3 games are by far the best games of any maker.

fkf,fq 2015.05.13
Keep the good games coming!

s@nt!no 2015.05.13
Buggy as hell. The mini games are poorly done and annoying to re-do every time the game is stuck.


gene55 2015.05.13
nice game one of my favorites hope theres more of them

eagleata 2015.05.12
magnificent... i played 1 and 2. but this is magnificent. Thanks...

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.12
Solid finish to the games. Really enjoyed this one. Great work!

*arnii* 2015.05.12
oldcruiser - seeing as I make and test these games myself, my games have to work on literally billions of combinations of systems and browsers, oh and I do this all for next to nothing - I think it is perfectly reasonable for you slander my games that work for the majority of people. Other people might try and give some feedback that might help fix things, but I guess that`s not your style.

63ted 2015.05.12
After drive to Devil Point screen is black except for sex scene with Amy. Why? Tried game in chrome same result.

C.C. 2015.05.12
Finally finished. Loved the game. loved all the girls. Not enough sex for all the girls in my opinion.

oldcruiser 2015.05.12
As with all the arnii games, this one is full of bugs. I`ve had to shut down and restart a few times to get around the problem of the screen going black after successful sex scenes. When it`s working it`s a good game, but having to shut down and restart takes away from it.

VeNNoM 2015.05.12
Fantastic game great end to the series. Well done.

HarrietGarmin 2015.05.12
Really like this series. Also like the characters i subscribed to Arnii forum so i could play the game earlier. If only the games came faster

ludwig 2015.05.12
ist`s another great game from arnii, i hope we will see manny more of these

nazgul1201 2015.05.12
I often get a black screen, with IE, FireFox and safari . The pictures are great, but this game is too hard to whip receive the bonus

Petro28 2015.05.12
It is a good game for independent developer but the previous two games (Episode 1 and 2) was much better.

mannyhattan 2015.05.12
Good game, could use a couple more options

mrcoolerz 2015.05.12
Great Game, would be better if i had a guide

toulavej58 2015.05.12
tried the first sex scene 4 times Stuck there
don`t like it do not think i`ll try again

lurking 2015.05.12
I tested the beta. While I (somewhat) like the ending, I can`t say I like the vehicle game. :/

63ted 2015.05.12
Getting black screen after basement when girls are driving. Why?

Mrcreepypasta 2015.05.12
I like this game nice story all tho i feel the first part is better but other then that i like it

Tyr75 2015.05.11
Nice end for this game.
C.C. when the hand is green pulls up.

jcc1985 2015.05.11
nice game liked the frist two better

C.C. 2015.05.11
Having some trouble with the basement scene. I click on the ghost and the hand turns green but nothing happens no matter what I do.

Jaaru 2015.05.11
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Blitzkriegbob 2015.05.11
nice conclusion to the story, but the gameplay sucks sometimes. Personaly I liked the first part better.

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