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ploto87 2015.03.28
Aw... I chose all the naughty choices so I thought I was going to get a passionate ending!

Martel81 2015.03.19
Hot Hot Hot very nice Game!!!

lionfool1957 2015.02.28
awsome graphics. hot babes,sexy.

JoeDirt69 2015.02.25
Super fun. Could have better animations though.

zoeller 2015.01.20
I wan t0 lick that little pussy as well...

roro_qween 2015.01.16
love the graphics but its an easy game and ihate easy things

Nicholas_Hanz 2015.01.03
Not the best game. btw Its ok

Archaon 2015.01.01
nice game ! there is an ending with 3 characters ?

Gencorius 2014.12.04
Its very cool and awesome.The girl is smoking hot.

Mark13 2014.11.19
the story is easy to follow and play. !


Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Claire and her room mate are awesome and story is easy to follow and play.

the4beatles 2014.11.08
this game is the best i really love the lesbian part of it it makes it very sexy and this game is one of my favorite

FuckAllNite 2014.10.31
nicenice, next is gonna be claire. mmmmmm

arathor 2014.10.26
the girls are awsome te story great

handsome15 2014.10.04
just wanna eat those titties of yours

Dstroke13 2014.09.22
i like the game but the animation succks.

Futuros 2014.09.16
Not sure that this game has the quality of your other offerings...

Snakedude 2014.09.15
Its very cool and awesome.The girl is smoking hot.

fcmetro 2014.09.12
lot of fun one of the better games here

BowserJr92 2014.08.29
Very Good Game I Enjoyed It

Iva_bigun_12 2014.08.20
nice quality graphics, really like this game.

Freshman09 2014.08.15
It was short but nice. Love the ladies!

letter312 2014.08.11
this is the best game I have ever played

pseeker1234 2014.08.10
like this game & love lesbians but i still want to play as a guy not one of the girls. i want to either watch or join the action.

julio1980 2014.08.07
Not the best game. Its ok. The storyline is hot. But could be better game. Its great the time factor.

richdick778 2014.08.05
good graphics very good game

Jbryan 2014.08.03
This is the best game ever!

lugia21 2014.07.25
nice game but please add some improvement in story.

aurius8 2014.07.24
this is hot
made me hard

butch84 2014.07.19
Fun game, great graphics.

Beaver2u 2014.07.17
Graphics are good, but to short

Rodimus 2014.07.16
Wow that was hot. Great looking girls and great action

MrLester88 2014.07.11
Graphics are very good got stuck a few times but made it through

bitz94 2014.07.11
Just Wow. The Graphic quality is so nice.

Tallemanto 2014.07.07
These girls are so freaking hot!

Archaon 2014.07.04
nice game very hot girls i like it

yannos34 2014.06.29
played this game before never got the end of it

ghoost 2014.06.25
the plot was not as good. graphic are ok,

doubleG 2014.06.22
Good game. Simple but interesting.

timel 2014.06.19
the plot was not as good as i expected it to be, graphics are ok

krk1619 2014.06.14
its the best online game i have played with such graphics.i like it.

DD420 2014.06.13
This game is fucking awesome...... If rate till 100 I will give 100....

ajjuman 2014.06.08
good graphics and cool game play
i love it

cmorgan102899 2014.06.08
Good game with good graphics

Endryn 2014.06.07
Good game...nice lesbian action. Graphics were a little sub-par, but overall it was enjoyable. Thanks!

capkirk 2014.06.07
Great game!! I love the quality and feel of the game!

Safsbro 2014.06.02
Nice game play,good graphics.

lusty22 2014.06.01
this gaame is fucking awesom i cold play it all day 5-stars

hotvoter 2014.05.30
At the moment, the game doesn`t work :-(

backstabbin 2014.05.29
Graphics are awesome
game play is great
so many options
you wont be board

Tinkerbeth 2014.05.28
Great game...really easy to play, Got me so wet... I want to try!!

ceanthony 2014.05.23
idk why david gets mad but I love it when the gerls get alon and have fun

pandeyaryan555 2014.05.15
superb game i loved it another great game with great graphics

REEESES 2014.05.07
This game is nice and there are so many options.

fucker6969 2014.05.06
fvkn` hot lovin the pussy

machalix 2014.05.03
amazing!! they are very hot girls

expatinthesouth 2014.04.28
quite difficult but .. very nice

slipknotfcker 2014.04.28
this game freaking rocks loved the story line and how good the women looked in it

silentred 2014.04.26
Beauty Chicks with great bodies, wonder if there any ending with 3 some?

trevortheraptor7 2014.04.25
nice game play force if you can make a long rpg game with customzitaion that would be goood

toddyxxx 2014.04.23
totally gob smacked. one awesome game.

azure202 2014.04.17
this game as a intresting play style that has temendas grouth

johnluigi7 2014.04.14
This is a good game. Would be better if it was a but longer.

walhan 2014.04.06
nice quality graphics, really like this game.

blingo454 2014.04.04
the game is very nice, and i`d like to play more of games like this.

brandontbf 2014.04.02
Great game sad its so short. Excellent graphics

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
nice quality graphics - bit limited actions and animation

Abraxis 2014.03.24
It was over too fast and it didn`t seem as though enough time was given to consider options

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

jmor69 2014.03.22
this game is fucking amazing graphics are legit

oXDarkEyesXo 2014.03.21
It was considerably good, awesome msic but the animations where a little "weird", but in overall preatty good.

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.17
I love this game. It need for me to be a bit longer. Have more characters, maybe or just a sequel.

BONERGUY12 2014.03.17
Great game and it is really fun. Graphics are amazing.

blackstar66 2014.03.13
good game but it won`t be bad to see more during the sex actions!

agetoki 2014.03.11
Graphics are alright. I wish they had some better animation though. The story was good but kinda short

Stathis 2014.03.08
Nice game, both girls very well portrayed and depicted, beautiful too. Found all endings except 4, saw in the comments how. Thanks.

P.S. Have played it a long time ago and did found the endings on my own but I forgot.

mr_hunter619 2014.03.07
Great game. Amazing graphics. Hot girls.

saquib.khan966 2014.03.06
nice graphics and a sexy game

hageman 2014.03.05
good graphics, hot looking chick

Rindevar 2014.03.03
Lesbian story so forget about too many options: but be warned, the bad ending is so easy to get into! Beware of that timer!!!!

melonboxxx 2014.02.12
I got all 5 endings...can`t believe there`s no threesome.

toukun 2014.01.29
Good animation, i like lesbian games, great gameplay

gauravkale991999 2014.01.09
Great Game. Really loved the graphics

320gbhhd 2014.01.08
i really like the graphics in this game

darkwhite41 2014.01.07
great quality but to short

nitemare 2014.01.07
excellent game trying to decide what to do while under pressure was great

dmt666 2014.01.05
Short, but good graphics. Really enjoyed this one.

Woods24 2013.12.14
This game is interesting but short. It needs a little more to the story.

Woods24 2013.12.14
This game is WOW. I couldn`t wish for a better experience.

lcarb 2013.12.11
very nice short game, the threesome option should really exist

raj1212 2013.11.30
great graphics and girls

nilah 2013.11.30
i love this game it has good graphics

Fab Baf 2013.11.18
very enjoyable game great scenes

firstdelta 2013.11.17
very nice girl awesome game

naemnikat88 2013.11.16
How do I get the 5th ending?

rakd365 2013.11.13
Lovly game that I can play also on my tablet. ;) Happy Happy

MaxxV2150 2013.11.08
A wonderful game. I can only hope to find more of these kinds on this site!

blogon2 2013.11.08
I like the story and the graphics were nice to

thinker77 2013.11.05
Great graphics, great selections

tintin2013 2013.10.26
that french babe is sooo hottt! too bad she`s a lesbian

ohnoki7 2013.10.22
amazing game i loved the graphics very good story

hornymike 2013.10.16
love the lesbian ending even so i wish it would go a little more involved that way, also a threesome would been nice

ryonardo 2013.09.30
this game is awesome and good to play

Blackwood 2013.09.29
I absolutely love this game! Definitely one of my all time favorites.

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

nat360 2013.09.19
Love this game great storyline

Proser 2013.09.10
Very sexy game! I had a good time finding the endings

kailash1009 2013.09.01
how many endings are there?

anch0rz 2013.08.30
Very amazing graphics, if I do say so myself. I liked how they looked like vampires, maybe even erotic vampires. Very good game play, not too hard, but not too easy either.

Kinkongas 2013.08.28
Good game, but couldn`t find out 5th ending.

nymphio 2013.08.26
I find this game beyond great, as since I`m a lesbian... I like the games on here that don`t make you play as a guy

IHeartTitties 2013.08.23
Great game, couldnt ask for much better

jboy757 2013.08.21
this got me horny and i mean reallyy really horny

jamesking123 2013.08.20
this game maid me really horny

Lizzie 2013.08.15
Great game. Going to definitely play this again!

Nicksron 2013.08.14
This game is awesome best graphics ever

anthony21397 2013.08.13
great game btw. good story and great animation

anthony21397 2013.08.13
david caught me and the girl, dang lol

hotrod69 2013.08.06
This game was short but fun.I am hooked on these sexy games...

Shadow2103 2013.08.04
great game, I had an interesting ending

himal 2013.08.04
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

w1drng22 2013.08.02
Kind of short but interesting story line. I liked it.

moose1996163 2013.08.01
i love this game it make me horny

moose1996163 2013.08.01
great game great graphics great everything

giant32 2013.07.29
great game love the graphics too

get some 2013.07.29

Dawings 2013.07.26
How many endings are there ?

noogad 2013.07.24
Shame its not animated but great story and photos. I`ll enjoy playing this more.

VectorSlip 2013.07.22
Love the game! it is definitely worth multiple playthroughs, I got ending 1 and i cant wait to see the other ones!

aragorn245 2013.07.21
Wow! Can you do more lesbian game?

mcgeekyle39 2013.07.19
whoa them girls are hot great game!

badboy91 2013.07.19
good graphics and awsome girl on girl action

FallenDragon 2013.07.14
great game but the graphics could have used more movement

KissMePlease 2013.07.12
I love this game... It makes me soo horny ;)

Rustycowboy22 2013.07.06
great graphics i really enjoy these games

slut_slave 2013.07.02
the game was good but the graphics could have shown more movement

slut_slave 2013.07.02
the buttons for claire to kiss kendra could have been better

kane22 2013.06.29
very fun game and as always: great graphics!

anshul7j 2013.06.26
this game is pretty good but loads ver slowly
altogether great game

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
this is a very great game to play.....the girls are hot, the sex scenes are great

this is a must play and put as one of your PFO favorites on this site

kirsty75 2013.06.25
nice game i can play this all day

Asherash 2013.06.25
Great game and graphics 10/10

Cox3 2013.06.19
I love it it turns me on HOT

Yassineop 2013.06.17
I love the amazing graphics, it`s so clear and the different endings always enthralls me.

Avatar4400 2013.06.17
Awesome game. Nice graphics too.

BowHunter00 2013.06.16
it was a really cool game, loved it

ad1021 2013.06.15
great graphics..great game!
just loved it!
both claire and kendra turned me on

linoc14 2013.06.14
it was verry easy but verry cool

sha1vfd 2013.06.13
For everyone who want reach Ending 4:
You have to stay in room with Claire and then when sheasks how to seduce you answer "passionate" and let her draw your photo then go to the pool and stop her kissing you go back to toilet then you come down to bring towel for her you see david bring towel back but don`t wash her back and it goes on...

scottmcm 2013.06.12
Fun game, but short.
Also a little straightforward, I would have liked to pose more of a challenge.

Tyesh 2013.06.11
I love the game and the story was great along with many interactions.

farcey13 2013.06.07
fun game, great graphics, great girls

Stringbean952444 2013.06.06
Great game overall but wish there was some more endings.

kalindrius 2013.06.05
good graphics, storyline, and the game

shafadXD 2013.06.04
love the graphic but the gameplay less

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

shivers1 2013.06.02
Love the graphics, love the dialogue, but WTF no threesome?!? It`s a pornographic video game, put some more PORN in it!

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
Good game with nice choises.
Good graphics and storyline.

63ted 2013.05.23
Good graphics for short game.

derda 2013.05.23
Hmm seems to short, nice graphics though,would want animated endings.

tgbyhn157 2013.05.22
I love this game, i think it`s a bit too short though

49fp 2013.05.22
Good graphics with all LOP games it seems. Would like additional endings.

denster1991 2013.05.21
enjoyable good mechanics animations could still use some work

kevman 2013.05.18
Found 3 endings for this so far. Walkthrough below. Beware of the timers!

1. a) Excuse yourself it`s time to go --> 2
b) Flirt with David a little while longer

2. a) Kiss Claire`s cheek --> 3
b) Shake Claire`s hand
c) Do nothing

3. a) Truth --> 4
b) Lie

4. a) Prepare some drinks --> 5
b) Help Claire finish unpacking

5. a) Love is a beautiful thing ... --> 6
b) Life can`t go on without the love between a man and a woman

6. a) Truth --> 7
b) Lie

7. a) Stop Claire --> 8
b) Do nothing --> 9

8. a) Tell Claire about your boyfriend --> Ending 2 (bad-ish): La Vie Normale
b) Tell Claire you don`t want to get caught --> Sex scene and ending 3 (good): Coup de Foudre

9. a) Stop Claire
b) Do nothing --> 10

10. a) Stop Claire --> 8
b) Do nothing --> Ending 1 (bad): Cri de Coeur

jw111 2013.05.18
this is a good game with good graphics but its too short

gwazz 2013.05.16
nice game with good graphics pity no 3some

Hotguy29126 2013.05.12
sexy, awesome and great graphics! splendid game!

neoncat99 2013.05.12
this has the best girls ever

mvbharathi 2013.05.09
its a nice games , takes a wile to load , but the storyline was good and te graphics were good too.

reerwer 2013.05.09
really great game

WANNASAMMA 2013.05.06
Brilliantly played best game on site

bionu.org 2013.05.06
i cant find words to say how hot they are

gamesksi 2013.05.05
someone post the tutorial please, this games is very nice

helloimdead 2013.05.03
this game is realy good but at the same time is hard

lynerbarsett32 2013.05.03
it`s good game but the story are too short

weerwolf1 2013.04.29
heel goed spel en heel sexy

Banditt1968 2013.04.27
Love lesbian games but too short

sexyboo213 2013.04.27
I am in LOVE with this game

geomick 2013.04.27
This was one of the best games i have played. The graphics are great and the story was amazing.

tbqwolf 2013.04.25
The girls in this game are amazing

Bimon 2013.04.21
Best pf1 game here, out of all of them

klypsa 2013.04.20
Good graphics and a good storyline what more do you need :D

coolestlover 2013.04.20
will play for all endings

CropCircle12 2013.04.20
this is a really good game

shishkabob 2013.04.20
Too bad David didn`t find a way to join them.

HornyBlondiex 2013.04.17
love this game omfg played it so many times!!.

andotrota 2013.04.13
good game, but short story and lack of sex

spider1406 2013.04.11
that was a great game wish it was longer they were hot

TANNY02 2013.04.10
clair is too sexy,misses some scene due to time advances,bt nice game

LordxAzazel 2013.04.09
Get game love the story and the graphics

bidphil 2013.04.07
very good graphics,good game play,one of my favorites

bob222222 2013.04.06
Great game however some of the loops could be a little longer

The Rock King 2013.04.03
hot game I am a straight guy who likes girls who like girls n boys

hunted 2013.03.29
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

nico2099 2013.03.27
the gameplay is great and the graphics are amazing

Grimm_Dogg68 2013.03.27
an alright game i guess the only bad thing about lop games is they are too short

richardrosihan 2013.03.26
this game is really the best< seeing multiple choice story...

sluttywhore11 2013.03.26
she was very sexy i wish was getting my pussy sucked

venrus 2013.03.24
i love this websites games i want more like this

raiders1150 2013.03.24
i cant get enough of these games, love the storyies and graphics. amazing games.

Dave719 2013.03.23
Not bad, girls pretty hot, but too short

doctorwho123 2013.03.22
i love the game love lesiben theme and i love both girl sexy and wild top game 10 out 10

Sir_Loins 2013.03.20
So much fun to play. Find all the endings.

electrolite 2013.03.19
haha, i got caught by the guy. i think everyone got caught the first time. Nice graphics and the girls are hot. I`m looking forward for the next ending

Sradsix 2013.03.16
enjoyed the game but was to short

iluvSEX696969 2013.03.15
this is sooo sexy, wish i was with them both

miya09 2013.03.12
The graphics were great so was the game

ahmedboy123 2013.03.11
very awesome game with the best graphics and storyline

RandomMember 2013.03.11
Great game! Who wouldn`t wanna get with a hot exchange student? :) Once again, great graphics.

paulo92 2013.03.10
another wonderful game sexy :P

Animeniac 2013.03.09
Loved this one! Sapphic love really get my motor running!

js1993 2013.03.09
Great game. Absolutely loved it. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Stallion999 2013.03.07
One of my favorite games :D

cookboy77 2013.03.06
this is a great game with great graphics the only thing i could ask for is that it was longer

iknowyouwantme 2013.03.04
They are so hot! Seriously need more lesbian games.. I love see girlxgirl! So hot!

madina3 2013.03.03
the graphic is really good i like it

haidar9 2013.03.02
Great Game But too long dialogues

Superlars 2013.03.01
Nice game, but more endings and a longer storyline with more varieties would be great!

mouta12 2013.02.26
good game but a bit short

DavidBoy6 2013.02.25
Claire is way too hot! She needs to be in more games :D

dondotta 2013.02.25
i am looking forward to more games like this

dondotta 2013.02.25
this games has a rather smooth soundtrack to t a nice vibe

dondotta 2013.02.25
this games graphics are so crisps i must say this has become my favorite spot !

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

cde93 2013.02.23
Wow what a great game claire is sexy as hell

Krys92 2013.02.22
Very realistic game and the story line is very good but i wish it could carry on for a bit longer

robocock 2013.02.22
realistic game. i love it

AletJason8 2013.02.22
i think this is the best game i play.

LexArturo 2013.02.20
Long time favorite. Very high replay value.

mjstarks 2013.02.19
Very fun; looking forward to finding more endings

JohnW123 2013.02.18
Awesome sex, awesome girls, awesome game

pdood1986 2013.02.14
love playing this game trying to find all the endings great fun.

mantas19 2013.02.11
realy nice game recomended!

vetis36 2013.02.11
Pretty good game if you ask me

coilar 2013.02.10
Good game,but not so intresting endings to my mind.

mamiz 2013.02.10
do any of you guys know how to play this game

ljk2000 2013.02.09
Great walkthroughs had a blast playing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JBourneFTW 2013.02.07
Decent games, but shame there aren`t that many sexual scenes.

krunaljariwala 2013.02.06
that is very good n nice game for all

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.06
This is a great game. Totally hot!!

kpjr278 2013.02.06
Claire and Megan are definitely two hotties, love this storyline!

Herodes 2013.02.01
really nice game love the endings

Joe B 2013.02.01
I wish there could be a ending involving all three of them

joey25986 2013.01.28
great storyline...enrages that passion inside you slowly...but steadily!!

Bedbug 2013.01.28
nice game, could have better dialoge

denesiniva 2013.01.27
i dont get it because what do i need to do first on this game

davy3158 2013.01.27
kool graphics i love this game!!!!!!!

wisdom123 2013.01.27
this game was fun bbut i dont like how it ended

kool4dudes 2013.01.26
interesting game. good play

kingofhell 2013.01.26
it is a nice game with a good graphik

History Channel 2013.01.26
This game has many interesting parts in evry time you it >.

anthony1055 2013.01.26
nice games i was stuck but i got past it

deviltrigger 2013.01.26
How to get all endings? Someone post a guide.

deviltrigger 2013.01.26
Playing to get all endings!

mariemassacre 2013.01.26
that david dude is a dumbass, instead of being a douchecanoe he shoulda fucked his girl &her new friend :)

Pooken74 2013.01.25
I love this one...first time doing it and I loved the outcome. Can`t wait to see the next 4 endings

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice game with a good graphics.

Robbyro 2013.01.25
great game but not the best

KIiD 2013.01.24
I`m stuck in this game at the pool with the 2 girls please help

devil.dave 2013.01.24
really good graphics love the games !

jlm1410 2013.01.24
OMG best lesbian sex ever

Jake0324 2013.01.23
the perfect gameplay with great animation

hornysexbabe 2013.01.23
ii liked it needs more erotic senes

SameyaHellaSmoov1234 2013.01.23
I got laid after playing this

sexbitch900 2013.01.22
Best game in the whole world great graphics

Barnsy 2013.01.21
i loved this games it was great, my favourite ending was the lesbian ending

ZoeBug 2013.01.21
Loved the game! Wonderful pictures as well

rigbywoof17 2013.01.21
one of the best games i have great graphics and dialog options not bad either so 8/10

12345 2013.01.20
sexy, great graphics as usual.

metalgod13 2013.01.20
Terrific game. The girls were beautiful together.

sriharia161 2013.01.18
wow two nice girls on mastubarataion

ardhie00 2013.01.17
loved this game, easy and great graphics.........

Quineon 2013.01.15
The game needs more erotic scenes

Reefylicous 2013.01.14
great game sex scenes could be longer

asslover342 2013.01.13
great game and grapchics but a little short

Amir_lp 2013.01.13
I love the gameplay and the animation

CameronTH 2013.01.13
cool game with nice graphics

Asphyxia 2013.01.12
Lovely game, can`t wait to find out the next four endings.

MR.I 2013.01.11
nie game , a little short but it´s okay

XxcowgirlxX 2013.01.11
best place to be when you get bored. graphics are amazing

slevinj 2013.01.11
This game is amazing! I play it over and over again, no matter what ending I get.

Troubadour 2013.01.11
Perfect game.
Beautiful girls, beautiful stories, great ending.

amritsingh112211 2013.01.10
i enjoy the game it was fun playing

NAWTYLEON 2013.01.10

amritsingh112211 2013.01.09
i like the game play both of them were amazing

twichy121 2013.01.09
This game is great, brilliant graphics and great gameplay.. just trying to find each ending now

call1114 2013.01.08
I thought that all the different endings were fab

nightcock 2013.01.07
i love this game quite a bit

CB54 2013.01.05
Pretty good; could use more of the sex scenes.

Marschel88 2013.01.04
hot girls but the outfits are not mine

balelaz 2013.01.03
very nice graphics and good storyline but a threesome would be great :)

livada 2013.01.02
Great game,shame it didnt had a threesome

Lupus20 2013.01.02
thats a good game as so many others

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. i loved much...

Biffyz4 2012.12.31
A great game, it took a bit long to get to the good part if you know what i mean

lolidunno123 2012.12.30
I like it! Always good to have different endings, and tthe art is great aswell

02sunspot9ny 2012.12.30
pretteh good nice ending

ilovepeanuts911000 2012.12.30
i love all the different endings. great game

DarkAngelInside 2012.12.29
nice but could be better!!!!!!!!

katakana132 2012.12.28
Fun game, wish it was longer and had a 3some ending

USMCICEMAN 2012.12.27
loved this game, easy and great graphics, like the options

JackCallen 2012.12.27
perfect grafics great story just a perfect game

Bryant 2012.12.27
Claire is soo sexy i want her to be with mee.

Xaque 2012.12.27
I really liked the story. The graphics are great as always and the hot range is pretty high!

ahmedboy123 2012.12.27
very sexy and lovely game with awesome animation and sounds including the gameplay

OW91 2012.12.26
I love this game !
i spend few hours on him

dwell76 2012.12.25
hard to find all the endings

kenpachizaraki 2012.12.24
I really like the story O:

davidhussey123 2012.12.24
awesome game with great graphics...relli njoyed it!

im3xbuck 2012.12.24
i love it this story,great graphics..really smooth moving body in here.

fucker123@ 2012.12.23
nice grahips and animation

ayesha 2012.12.23
i loveeeeeeeeee this game very much and i have played it twicw in a day

Buick 2012.12.20
Fun game with great graphics, could not figure out how to get BF involved??

marmarmar 2012.12.19
great graphics and scenes and great time with claire

sexybarbie55 2012.12.19
it was a great game i want to be with clarie

icehell 2012.12.19
the graphics are amazing, congratulations pf1

scopeman 2012.12.18
Great story!since i love lesbians, i really enjoy it

anton_r1 2012.12.17
great game good story to the game i will play again for sure

EmerikQ 2012.12.17
Not so bad game.. interesting story... but... I don`t like interruption... even... 3some will be the best way for end of this game D:
And Claire is so hot... ;)

AKB 2012.12.17
I liked this game very sexy to see Kendra become a muff diver

sele81 2012.12.16
good storie and nice lesbian scene!!

itsmylife 2012.12.16
great game too bad the bf interrupts you

Mr. Magic 2012.12.15
Very sexy women in this quick and easy game. Nice job.

troyandabed1 2012.12.13
Love this one.

Is there a way to have a 3 sum?

HotGuyxD 2012.12.13
great game good story to the game i will play again for sure

big99999 2012.12.13
Great graphics but crappy game

z1945 2012.12.13
love this game needs to be longer though

big99999 2012.12.12
Pretty god game. The graphics are high quality.

biggmanblast 2012.12.11
Great game overall. Very hot

Zaeron 2012.12.11
Nice game down to the ground. Can`t really think of a reasonable improvement...

warpedwiseman 2012.12.11
why are there walk throughs for a different game on here?

Besides that, cool game.

bbygurl199112 2012.12.10
Great graphics. Awsome game.

sumitplay 2012.12.10
hey.....i liked the game....
thought little tough

Lix66 2012.12.09
The animation for this game was so real it crashed my computer but as soon I started it back up i played it again

sexyboyluvkelly123 2012.12.08
amaing game always love lesbians great gamepllay tooo

ivcosic3 2012.12.08
Solid game with no fucking endings

MV2150 2012.12.07
I love it. It`s quick to the story-line and it gets intense and complicated fast, but not so much you don`t have options. It seems like something that could actually readily happen. Great work on this one.

Diablos 2012.12.07
Girl on Girl action, whats not to like.

1db1 2012.12.07
Sexy as fuck! i loved it.... HOT!!!!

rabbi2651 2012.12.06
An incredible game. the graphics are great and the girls are sexy, sexy,

d1v9d_k 2012.12.05
The more you play this game the more the eagerness to play again and again.

Winterfox213 2012.12.05
Storyline was pretty good, great game

hitmanj711 2012.12.04
I found all 5 of the endings, but i didnt see any threesome. I wish that had been there. Otherwise, great game!

Xoxol 2012.12.04
So gorgeous ending if u r flirted with guy in beginning, nah.

3xtdomolovers 2012.12.04

Dosha 2012.12.03
Both of them are sexy and cute

heroic 2012.12.03
Very erotic such passion.

jemjemgesder300 2012.12.02
im gonna be fucked up of this game

Yousuf 2012.11.29
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Richie33 2012.11.28
Not a bad game, could have dragged it out a little more

Akrasjel 2012.11.28
Nice game , love lesbien games an lessons of passion, their animation is amazing.

idunnoman 2012.11.27
love lesbien games an lessons of passion, their animation is amazing.

xes9960 2012.11.27
love sexy claire , nice game

loca_loca 2012.11.27
I like all the games with lesbians. But this the best.

zantha 2012.11.27
Amazing game, if a bit short.

dpfreire 2012.11.27
Loved the game and the graphics!

i 2012.11.26
i love this game it`s really good

Gurich72 2012.11.26
nice graphics makes the game look real

joseph vijay 2012.11.26
wow this was so sexyyyyyyyyy and makes me to have sexxxxxxxxx

MusicGuy529 2012.11.26
This was a nice and great grapnics

sera234 2012.11.25
if only there`s more lesbian games...

kireidreamer 2012.11.24
I love the graphics on this game, and love that every action has a consequence. It`s never boring and fun to come back and replay the different endings.

portchmonkey87 2012.11.24
these graphics in this game are amazing

blade123 2012.11.24
Great Game ...

The Graphics as real places are a really good idea

ohhanalittlepussy 2012.11.24
damn lets be honest momment

BigDaddy321 2012.11.24
nice graphics makes the game look real

bigpeet92 2012.11.22
Loved the game and the graphics!

thechosen122 2012.11.20
The story is very poor I guess ! I thought that Claire may try to steal the boy friend and can`t we play with the boy ?

sexiemama 2012.11.20
love this game.....great graphics...

yzenginoglu 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


epicksolo 2012.11.19
i like this game great game and nice graphics

revol 2012.11.19
Under the Westway good, excellent girls. Wooh.

vadei 2012.11.18
great game nice girl and great graphics

jimbob1995 2012.11.18
good game great animation

jimbob1995 2012.11.18
great game i love the graphic

jellyjoe 2012.11.17
The Game is Okay not very bad nor good

noti 2012.11.16
This game was really hot!

Miss.Milly 2012.11.15
Great game and great graphics.

elishacuthbert 2012.11.14
Great game, but if you want to please her, you have to do exacly what she wants.

112321qweasd 2012.11.14
good game the grapics are pretty good

leezl 2012.11.14
the game was perfect loved to watch them have lesbian sex graphic was great too
overall 9/10

beeeeex22 2012.11.14
Please make more games like this!! Love love love!!

JoMan248 2012.11.13
fun game great graphics

wish there was a threesome but still good game

mastermiro 2012.11.13
Easy and really nice game

Joycepoeske 2012.11.13
Very hot game! Love it! XOXO

droopy1988 2012.11.13
great game. amazing graphics. you will want to keep playing it as much as possible. the story is amazing. the sex scenes are so hot. i played on the other sites and it was not quite the same as on this site. the site has the most amazing games

Sennin713 2012.11.13
great game still trying for the other endings

andy_regresa 2012.11.12
very great game, i wanna play it more

jetlim26 2012.11.11
Good game, hot chicks. What`s not to like?

mix1963139 2012.11.11
Awesome game! Love all of these!

pabloD12 2012.11.10
game was ok. nice choices

layla143 2012.11.10
this was a really great game and i really liked it

darkzerolp 2012.11.10
nice game with hot girls and a good amount of decisions

bobbybluefire 2012.11.10
amazing graphics and the game quality is top notch. cant say enough awesome things about this site

pdude25 2012.11.10
Alright game. Some of the endings came too quick though.

brink7000 2012.11.09
This game was really hot! More lesbians!

ganjahtreu 2012.11.09
There is definitely a glitch with the deep throat. I do love that this is sort of a sequel to Jordan 500 though. Other "punishments" for Brooke should include a three way, straight lesbian, strap on, even a scenario involving the mafia boss from Jordan 500 HCC. Jordan could challenge Brooke to find and seduce him.

lovebunny 2012.11.08
The girls were really sexy

dragtoto 2012.11.07
I would like the same situation in the real life

Alexandru73 2012.11.05
David really needs a threesome...

Evil Dick 2012.11.05
Is there any way to get a 3-some?

voynar88 2012.11.05
Another great game from this studio, i mus see the rest of endings. One thing - maybe little more face expressions while making love.

Walkingcock 2012.11.05
Awesome game! Love all of these!

feiban 2012.11.04
its have a very good graphic

pfiffie 2012.11.04
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

mattjames 2012.11.04
this games has good graphics

jasont89 2012.11.04
Great game and the graphics are amazing. Wish it was longer though.

HeartcoreRemo 2012.11.03
Sexy but short. I would love to see a lot more. A continuing perhaps? :)

wicked2001 2012.11.03
i am stuck in the kissing part please help me

wicked2001 2012.11.03
help i dont know how to complete the game

wicked2001 2012.11.03
i love the game graphic

wicked2001 2012.11.03
i am stuck in the game please me

HenryMaster 2012.11.03
didnt like this one particularly but shes got nice tits though ;)

Ryoxxx 2012.11.02
Great game with good graphic

Empiq 2012.11.02
i love this game and all game and "the game"

zelad36 2012.11.01
nice game with great girls and good story

alfred riedl 2012.11.01
a very great game, i wanna play it more

jakster 2012.11.01
this game is so good, and she`s so fit

asheme 2012.10.31
Little short game, but very cool. Still miss the long sexual animations and interactivity like the first 3 games (ex. passion hotel)

rayllove 2012.10.31
So Sexy Nice Graphics :)

MISSpASSion 2012.10.31
loved everything about it, it got me hot & heavy

scrubby 2012.10.30
Good game, the graphics were good but i`m waiting for a threesome. I like the girls, they`re sexy.

csn994 2012.10.30
Awwh, i was getting to a good part then David came in....

Rockaholic3505 2012.10.29
love the graphics and the tits

magnumhot888 2012.10.29
its ok,.... it would be more fun if they had threesome..

Madelene 2012.10.29
Sexy but short. I would love to see a lot more. A continuing perhaps? :)

dakillamilla 2012.10.29
Wow this game had great graphics and was very sexy, i will play again.

Dexterous 2012.10.28
This game is perfect. Graphics and controls both.

redangel7 2012.10.28
The graphics is hot. But it`s needs some flare. A part 2 would be nice, with the guy hitting both chicks. Again more feeling...

robinkelsick2012 2012.10.27
awsome graphic i hope they should create a sequel

busu99 2012.10.27
Pretty good game, nice graphics...

gustloco 2012.10.27
i love this game and all game and "the game"

bradybond 2012.10.27
this game is just how i like it

vince46 2012.10.27
love lesbian games even if the girl cheat behind her bf back this game rlly hot and awesome

sau01 2012.10.26
mmm... very beauty... like

Hot4BarbieBlank 2012.10.25
Kendra & Claire help make this game interesting to play over & over again....love the lesbian scenes...very sexy!!!

hanibal194 2012.10.25
i love these girls nice animation very good one

Djule 2012.10.25
Great game, nice graphics

pabloescobar 2012.10.25
great grapics but no threesome...

Theosopher 2012.10.25
lesbian game doesn`t appeal much to me.

carmenta 2012.10.25
Opened 2 and one of the best games I`ve ever played, wow

Ruben_ 2012.10.25
hot girls, good graphic and good scenes its a very good game

pyrotech12 2012.10.25
these gurls are so hot
good game though

Kelly-Lover 2012.10.24
Nice game!!! The two girls are sexy!! I got all five endings!!

spazytex 2012.10.24
should of had a three-way ending

djsquad 2012.10.23
nice graphics, more of these pls

james_bond 2012.10.23
lesbian scene is good
to little action

deadlymayhem 2012.10.23
i think there should be more lesbian games like this but pherhaps a bit longer

james_bond 2012.10.23
the girl got to much make up

jACK2121 2012.10.23
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings

razvan 2012.10.22
good game beatyfull girls great grafic nis verry cool n lovel game y like this game

mre245 2012.10.22
O man! Awesome game, great girls, terrific scenes!

Hot4BarbieBlank 2012.10.22
Loved the lesbian scene in the bedroom!!!

hanibal194 2012.10.22
good game good designe but short

malice4 2012.10.21
awesome game great graphics

blarzog 2012.10.21
very nice game, great graphics and animations too

Ryderz 2012.10.21
cool bodoh farhanna jb wooohooooooooooooooooooooooo

the fuckest 2012.10.21
this game is good I`m so horn now!!!!!!!!

athossico 2012.10.20
Really nice game.
Maybe a little bit short, but also a little bit different as subject

rahulkrishna1234 2012.10.19
this game`s graphix and controls were awesome. i really njoyed it.

DickieDo 2012.10.19
Graphics were great, story was just ok

a715jjr5 2012.10.19
story line is pretty good and there are numerous ways to play it out -- wish it was a little bit longer

Schanell 2012.10.19
Omg soo nice...I want more lesbian games

Jacksons 2012.10.19
Really enjoyed playing this game :D!

Stupido 2012.10.18
Sexy girls, nice grafics and animations.
Story is good, but I miss some more options.
All in all, a nice game.

maml1996 2012.10.18
ndings in no particular order:

Cri de C??ur (Cry of Heart) - bad ending
A Chacun Son Go??t (To Each His Taste) - BJ ending
Coup de Foudre (Love at First Sight)
La Vie Normale (Normal Life) - "most normal" ending
Folie ???? Deux (Folly of Two) - 100% "lesbianized" ending

will re-play (again) to put in all methods to get endings...

tai97190 2012.10.18
too much very nice game good animation

abelgar 2012.10.18
Nice graphics but too linear

Bigmyth 2012.10.18
Damn! Lost this game pretty quick! Guess I was to eager :P

jlmerry11 2012.10.18
this is the best game ever

postor 2012.10.17
great game! i loved the girl on girl theme

J i i z 2012.10.17
This game is sooo cool !!! Those girls are awesome.

hggandt 2012.10.17
both are hot. i like them

luvtoplay 2012.10.17
i love the quality its awesome and sexy

longdrag 2012.10.16
Good game, good story and easy controls :)

xxdragonxx 2012.10.16
great but it is too muuch of clicking also it need to be logner lol thanks.

Fugubob1 2012.10.16
Good art but the story is and gameplay for this type of game is getting old and they`re too old.

thinspiration 2012.10.16
I cant get the other endings, no matter how much i want to!

I can only get the ending where david is yelling at them, claire and kendra get together, and ... yeah thats it

gearwolf 2012.10.15
Cute love story, since it is a Lesbian Love Story, David comes off as an ignorant rag, but then again... most secondary male characters in these stories are.

chris o 1 2012.10.15
this games is sex and very very good

cloretscool 2012.10.15
the animation is very good, graphic is very real

JaK3sT 2012.10.15
its nice. very good graphics and animations. i loved it

frogman2118 2012.10.15
An enjoyable game with good graphics

SexyFreind#1 2012.10.15
good graphics
feel bad for the bf tho in most of the storylines

zylasty13 2012.10.14
Another good game by Loenizer - excellent graphics and good plot. i liked the endings

ch4mpagne 2012.10.14
I`d do them both too bad they aint real lol but fun game

csok 2012.10.14
very erotic, french girls are crazy

biggrk 2012.10.14
Great game , found one ending , cant wait for the rest

salope 2012.10.14
i love clair graphic good game

mmartin11 2012.10.13
great game, my first ending wasnt the best one, so just gotta try again

dickerotto 2012.10.13
its one of the best games i had played

Tygertjuh 2012.10.13
Good play, i will have to try a couple more times to see all the different endings

dickerotto 2012.10.13
nice graphics and great story but ussally a bit short

ll22 2012.10.13
very life like graphics

mannay 2012.10.13
great scenes and the graphics are quite good

sonni22 2012.10.12
i loved playing this game

sethie 2012.10.12
This was a fun game, 1 ending so far

lunarwolfsexy 2012.10.12
this is the best game ive played so far they need to keep up the good work

lunarwolfsexy 2012.10.12
omg i love this game and site

roni@cox 2012.10.11
Pretty easy, I thought the graphics were beautiful. I do love a good fantasy.

Kertac 2012.10.11
I would have prefered to have more time to make choices.

johndoelittlebrother 2012.10.11
awesome gameplay, great graphics, cool nimations Good game, nice graphics

FawnFighter 2012.10.10
It was great and looked super real.

byucougerfan 2012.10.10
less lesbian gameplay please

ampdsmith 2012.10.10
Game was a little bit of a letdown. I was hoping for more sex. As always, the graphics are great

NK240 2012.10.10
Damn, i love lesbians playing hard!

l0lwut 2012.10.10
Sexy! I got about 2 or 3 endings. Pretty good for me!

karnivore 2012.10.10
This game was so hot, I loved the lesbian scenes

swested69 2012.10.09
that was a very sexy game, i did not expect the ending i arrived at but i really did like it! wish it was a bit longer...

tjlovesyou22 2012.10.09
this was a great looking game i loved it and love all of these games

tjlovesyou22 2012.10.09
it was good i liked this one a lot

Arbaal 2012.10.08
Nice game. Bit short in all. But story goes on nicely.

DoubleShadow 2012.10.08
Great game .. i wish there would be a continue ;)

sorayagami 2012.10.08
This is great and I like how the lesbian do their things

squidras 2012.10.08
great game gorgeous girls gameplay ok threesome would be nice

Asghan 2012.10.08
Great game nice graphics and awesome story.

diegofc19 2012.10.08
the graphics of this games are amazing, the gameplay is awesome and i love it

anonymous9 2012.10.07
wow i`m in love with that girl. could have done with out the fighting or at least make the creep easier to beat i want to play it more amd more

jpsacrey 2012.10.06
I enjoyed this game. I will play it a lot more and try other options.

moltres 2012.10.06
Great game nice graphics and awesome story.

yasharz 2012.10.06
This is a great game... and i like it very much...

steven12345 2012.10.06
Good game, the graphics were good and the gameplay was well thouth out.

iamashisno 2012.10.06
Very well done game with plenty of options. Nice showing how your choices affect the other person without reading through conversation.

barl32 2012.10.06
love the game.... i hope they keep making games like these. animations are good...simple....interesting......simply fun :)

theblur 2012.10.04
this is the best game ever

idiotman2012 2012.10.04
Brilliant story, been trying to find all the endings but the game is beautifull

reallytycho 2012.10.04
It seems like the writing on LOP games is getting worse.
The simpler the better, and please stop with the philosophy segments that seem to be shoehorned into most of the new games.

wetbeavereater 2012.10.04
i enjoyed this game , i will play it a lot more and try other options

yamt 2012.10.03
wow amazing game love it great graphics

jimbo090 2012.10.03
Great game great graphics. The timed decisions were fun

ChicoF 2012.10.03
Amazing game with a mix of straight and lesbian sex. Nice storyline.

Twister19 2012.10.02
nice graphics and very hot girls

googleplay 2012.10.02
graphics are good, unfortunatly the gameplay is too short

SEX@$& 2012.10.01
I love this game and this website AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glukos37 2012.10.01
i want claire exchange student
i rate you 10over10

derda 2012.10.01
Great game, excellent graphics. The timed decisions are a good touch - got to think fast...

pieter 2012.10.01
Amazin game, loved to see those girls work it.

lolimhot 2012.09.30
nice game hot lesbian action

vampiresvswolf 2012.09.30
i want claire exchange student
i rate you 10over10

aggnil 2012.09.30
mmm,,, exchange student mae me yummy.. my fantasy

aggnil 2012.09.30
I got three out of five, two bad and the one lesbian scene. Anyone get all five or have a few hints to share?

curan 2012.09.30
Great game with very nice graphics. The chicks are very hot and playing the role of a girl being seduced by another one quite turned me on. My only regret: there is no sound (moaning etc.) during the love scenes...

SharkCity94 2012.09.30
What an awesome game. Love the challenge.

omega908 2012.09.30
great game loved the story and sex

maquinadefuego94 2012.09.30
Nice game, it caught its very sexy

drnick1983 2012.09.29
Good game & stories. Easy too. A threesome ending would have been interesting though.

manyk85 2012.09.29
gorgeous pictures...lovely game. j`taime

jackman2011 2012.09.29
very nice game. liked how easy and hot it was.

yasharz 2012.09.28
This is an excellent game...


robbery 2012.09.28
Fun game. it´s a little short. Great gameplay and graphics.

lucky.onoff 2012.09.28
Great scenes and sexy story line.love the graphics and the pictures

Angerfist 2012.09.27
Great game, could have more female storylines.

firemedic0013 2012.09.26
Awesome game! Great scenes and sexy story line.

C.C. 2012.09.25
Would love to see a threesome. David would be one lucky dude.

101Adrianz_x 2012.09.25
mmmmmmmmmmmm sexy gam making ma pussy wet. hot love is btw im bisexual

DrigenDragonBane 2012.09.25
love the lesbian scenes very hot

Jaydog0120 2012.09.24
This is a great game. Hard to navigate at parts but otherwise pretty good

jamsterkk 2012.09.24
great game and awesome story

shyman44425 2012.09.24
A little hard to navigate. Two beautiul women!

jrocks 2012.09.24
wow that was hot keep up the good work LOP

MasterSeth 2012.09.23
Pretty fun game, looks really nice to boot. Enjoyed the music for the most part too~

talavar 2012.09.23
This game was so amazing, more lesbian games would be great !

macky14 2012.09.23
good game...pretty good graphics...several choices made it nice

biochm98 2012.09.23
intriguing game...difficult to get all 5 endings but managed to in the end

codissius 2012.09.23
gotta love hot french women.

Toddy123 2012.09.22
This website and game are great horny factors

lakshmi 2012.09.22
really really nice game... great graphics and awesome animation

RowdyRod 2012.09.22
The options come up fast, but I still like it.

IamBri 2012.09.22
Really liked the gameplay and the twist at Kendra`s masturbation.

Solid graphics and interaction.

Whitney 2012.09.22
hot story! i like the gameplay too...sexy!

akitta 2012.09.22
strange game,but still very nice !!

cowboy2190 2012.09.22
nice game good grafics would like to see more games

lucifer lucy 2012.09.22
what aga me lesbian sex hot sexy ladies

jrjr567 2012.09.22
I liked this one, kinda short but i didn`t have too much trouble finding all 5 endings

boob13 2012.09.21
great graphics n lovely ladies

nibroc17 2012.09.21
It felt a little to simple.

Million 2012.09.21
hot and sexy game really like it

Cheryl 2012.09.21
gr8 game and hot graphics

hersh2450 2012.09.20
good game, another great one from the LoP gang

doctorgasmus 2012.09.20
i think they just need more action...and then t is perfect

doctorgasmus 2012.09.20
that`s a very playful and sexy game,really enjoyed it

TolR 2012.09.19
excelent game very good graphic. Very butiful gerls.

Tiger21 2012.09.19
Good game, great graphics, hawt girls.
What`s not to like?

j.alas 2012.09.18
Great history and goog graphics. The history tries to bring you to the game world, only can be better if the gameplay goes to more difficult scenes

jayrjay101 2012.09.18
also one more thing.. the beat here is also awesome.. whats the name of the song during game play..? really awesome track there.. ;)

jayrjay101 2012.09.18
these graphics are really hot..! and awesome..!

qw73 2012.09.18
excellent and hot game, good in any way...

pizza101 2012.09.17
claire is such a great character> make a sequal to this game.

pizza101 2012.09.17
make more lesbian games! i love them. especially this one.

fall3n 2012.09.17
Seemed a bit linear, more kelly!

nadav318 2012.09.17
great quality and choises

Alieeeen 2012.09.17
A 3-some would be sick. Great graphics :)

bricefrost 2012.09.16
really amazing game the graphics and pictures are so amazing

coko 2012.09.16
it was pretty hot, i wish there was more

kyuhyun0707 2012.09.16
umm, i really disappointed with the graphic, but interesting story lines

canadaguy17 2012.09.16
the game-play is good, the graphics and animation are awesome (of course they are it is play force one after-all). Over all a great game.

corncola 2012.09.16
How do I get the 5th ending?

Jokke1 2012.09.16
The girls are really hot and the graphics is very good

ozorne_6 2012.09.15
Games are becoming more and more mainstream, great graphics and little to no challenges.

Miller1992 2012.09.15
Fabolous game!! Should be longer

billu.shah4 2012.09.15
wow fantastic game i like very much

putter 2012.09.14
this game is very very good i love it

bjk2012 2012.09.14
who doesn`t love some good lesbian action the girls were hot but would have been nice if there was a possible threesome

stnick 2012.09.14
Story and options are a bit thin but the girls are pretty well done LOP.

unbelievableuseless 2012.09.14
like this game, different scenes much longer than the last one =))

kt93 2012.09.14
This game looks promising!

camper5036 2012.09.13
This game is really fun to play.

electro*** 2012.09.13
That was pretty good game i cant wait for another one...

oldtonius 2012.09.13
The game also need a 3-some, - animation and graphic work fine.

Satans Angel 2012.09.13
Could have been more dynamic and have various more endings

diontor 2012.09.13
very nice game, hot story

jerryonly83 2012.09.13
outstanding game as always!

mann234 2012.09.12
Pretty good game, nice graphics...

Bodine 2012.09.12
Good game; great graphics, haven`t found a threesome option yet.....

p3dr03151 2012.09.12
the game was great and i like the graphics.

TheCin 2012.09.12
interesting setting- student´s^^
The first girl is beautyful, but the second hm I think she wears too much makeup.
The story is much too simple,the endings too and the gameplay too easy.
In recent games, somehow missing the desire to play them more often.

GrimRpr 2012.09.11
great graphic and quality

stefanher14 2012.09.11
Love the graphics,very nice

unknown2018 2012.09.11
but it was too short and easy!!

mitch65 2012.09.11
Nice game but what about ? Threesome ?

kyl3 2012.09.11
No way to fuck on this game... only 2 lesbian scenes, 1 bj and 2 bad ends...
Disappointing :(

oranjeboven 2012.09.11
Great story.
The girls look very hot.
A pity that their moves are without fantasy

huhwhatfer 2012.09.11
Nice game, it`s everything I`ve come to expect from PF1. Nice graphics and music isn`t bad either

billu.shah4 2012.09.10
great game wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i love it

grigus 2012.09.10
The messages in the corner giving hints to the character`s responses to your actions was also helpful and made the story more engaging.love the graphics and the pictures of real life places!

Sexyhorndog149 2012.09.10
What a great game. It wasn`t easy!

VLord 2012.09.10
Nice Game good Graphics and Hot szenes.
I liked the two lesbians and i love the pictures of real life places ! :)
More of this please :D

texasviper77089 2012.09.10
great game lot of fun sexy caracters

Lacey23 2012.09.10
ooh this was so hot
wish there were more endings

surfer78 2012.09.10
Very sexy...I love this kind of game

jonibravo 2012.09.10
very sexy and really great game

aidenko 2012.09.10
perfect game!!! I want to play more and more

schbob 2012.09.09
Nice game must play for ending 2 I missed something I think

ALBERTO0 2012.09.09

McCluff 2012.09.09
Adoro este tipo de juegos, son geniales!!

jajoey123 2012.09.09
parapapa i am loving it. i love this kinda games.

robbielennon 2012.09.09
Lesbian was interesting. Kinda short though.

SomnolentHail 2012.09.09
The game was too short and there wasn`t enough interaction, but the story was great! :P

jojama 2012.09.09
i keep getting erections

Bruza 2012.09.08
not impressed too little interaction

oXDarkEyesXo 2012.09.08
Nice game but I didn`t like the animations.

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.08
I like Jordan more....its great, but....yeah. The One and only ;))

atrax30 2012.09.08
Great game, amazing graphics, but it could have been a bit longer

Kilopio 2012.09.08
Nice game with a good graphic but too easy

Irishman12 2012.09.08
Awesome game play nice graphics

Irishman12 2012.09.08
Good game and nice graphics to

saira6868 2012.09.08
Awesome game, one of the best!! would be even better if there was a part 2 or something.

trueromantic 2012.09.08
The timed questions were a great addition. It made the game feel much more interactive. I also liked the blend of photos with characterized figures. Adding in between stages, like putting away the clothes, helped move the story along even though the results of doing the action weren`t immediately known. Again, good story telling. The messages in the corner giving hints to the character`s responses to your actions was also helpful and made the story more engaging.

My only complaint is that the story freezes for me in the bathroom scene after you finish washing. Where is that ending?

lillez143 2012.09.08
way 2 short but i liked it lol

xoxox55 2012.09.07
a little too short, but love it too

tmac20 2012.09.07
ending 1: get cought at pool (don`t stop her kissing and stuff)
ending 2: stop her at pool, tell her about David
ending 3: stop her at pool, tell her you don`t want to get cought, finish masturbation in time
ending 4: let her draw you, stop her at pool, tell her about david
ending 5: stop her at pool, tell her you don`t want to get cought, DON`T finish masturbation in time

karanks 2012.09.07
Very good game, but a little to short .

Messer13 2012.09.07
Nice decisions.................hard to make though.

bebop240b 2012.09.07
it could have more scenes

ElitePanda 2012.09.07
Great game. I especially love the lesbianism.

silverdude179 2012.09.06
amazing game and very addicting music

pothole 2012.09.06
a bit clunky and predictable; too many paths started but go nowhere, like putting clothes away. Still interesting & fun game

pothole 2012.09.06
not bad though a bit predictable; girls are hot, david`s a dolt

kiimeeg 2012.09.06
amazing graphic and animation

Vrykolas2k 2012.09.06
Was a bit short, but interesting.

yopyo3812 2012.09.06
beautiful game with lesbian part ! i love it

Psycho1611 2012.09.06
i love lesbian games .this one is also very good

chairman066 2012.09.06
nice game so far, i cant wait to find all the endings

kreigan 2012.09.05
i lke this game very much.

discreteplayer 2012.09.05

kalbs 2012.09.05
The game was boring, I got two scenes. I don`t want to try to get the rest.

Assassin7918 2012.09.05
very sexy and really great game

zikrinehe 2012.09.04
great game but it could be a bit longer

Zalbar 2012.09.04
good graphics, way to short though. could have been longer, and have more choices. I did like the timed responses though,

mannertt 2012.09.04
I really like the setting and the models.
Great game

vinitrock 2012.09.03
this game is really awesome.........

notes1 2012.09.03
I love it, but it`s really short

zybaxos1 2012.09.03
Great game, excellent graphics. The timed decisions are a good touch - got to think fast...

syre13 2012.09.03
like the game and has good graphics.

mrspretty4 2012.09.03
i love it and it was cool

BallIdiot 2012.09.03
Very enjoyable game with good graphics and plot. Only got 3/5 endings though.

Kwola 2012.09.03
I love it, but it`s really short

minhdo 2012.09.02
its a bit boring :( more ending please !

kittykatserah 2012.09.02
Nice game love the scenes and graphics

danilipe 2012.09.02
nice game, a bit short, but approved

mocamanman 2012.09.02
i don;t really like lesbian sex, prefer some straight ones , but still hot

Ubber1 2012.09.02
This is a short but good game, I love the graphics and game play.

chap74 2012.09.02
i like it i wish it more games like this its like the sims but better

keyz3513 2012.09.02
the gameplay was awesome but kinda upset that the game was short. wish it were longer because i was really into it.

Concumbo 2012.09.02
Love this game, endings are great. I`m not sure why the boyfriend is so upset though :P

Joe9ty 2012.09.02
Interesting game, was hoping for something slightly mor graphic, but certainly a good concept that could be developed further

hotcoco 2012.09.02
This is a good game but it is kind of short. I`m going to try for the other endings.

prokaine 2012.09.01
great game but it could be a bit longer

MarcoXXL2245 2012.09.01
wow, a really nice game short but nice!

oraclle 2012.09.01
nice game, good graphics, loved it.

waxall 2012.09.01
Good game, just a bit short. A least there is replay value for the alternate endings.

BusterKill19 2012.09.01
I really like this game, good animation and graphic !

frulpo 2012.09.01
great graphics nice play and i love lesbian games

Stevenion 2012.09.01
Great game with lots of great endings :D

mystic_m 2012.09.01
got 5 endings in the first 5 tries.
but there are many more interesting ways to reach these 5 endings. already taken 7 different ways to progress the story. amazing game.

haades91 2012.09.01
Gotta say this has been one of the best games here, but I have trouble getting endings other than 1 and 3.

LariatQ 2012.09.01
Gave a 7 out of ten, for quality, but would have been a 10 if there were a threesome ending.

alowan 2012.09.01
tres bon jeux dommage qu il soit si court

rock21799 2012.08.31
i love the game..but need more exciting endings

kitexz 2012.08.31
I loved this game though why david act like that?

dj-geo 2012.08.31
this is a good game a bit short though... will def replay

mikicostanza 2012.08.31
cool game it`s very funny band hot

Duraworld 2012.08.31
I have problems with all flash games,
i reinstall and update, but nothing work.
Anyone can help me ?

zentrifaal 2012.08.30
I´ve got all endings. The girls are so hot.

az89 2012.08.30
got all ending but wish that guy get the chance to do with both or more girls ^^

Tiger21 2012.08.30
Not bad at all, but could do with more sex. Claire is damn hot!

csdcsdcsd 2012.08.30
This is my favorite game on this site!

krayzie99 2012.08.30
can someone tell me why all i see is a white box?

hazephoenix 2012.08.30
Nice game, but david should be happy instead of angry since he wanted to fuck the girl, no?

NightStalker73au 2012.08.30
awesome gameplay and graphics.

mettaknight25 2012.08.30
they really out done themselves , keep up the good work

seanmj9 2012.08.30
that game was awesome i love lesbian games

Drakcon 2012.08.29
Amazing game i love to see more touch control though

booster78 2012.08.29
Very nice game, maybe a little bit tooooo short :) The real life place are a really nice idea, like it!

ChaosKidX 2012.08.29
great game with great graphics

paramecium100 2012.08.29
nice game, good graphics, loved it.

lenni61 2012.08.29
cool its a hot game with a good graphik

belic 2012.08.29
Graphics is nice compared to other games but its short

garonbrown 2012.08.29
Got two out of the endings so far. I like it.

derda 2012.08.29
I liked this game, but it isn`t long enough

LPDUB01 2012.08.29
nice gameplay, awesome graphics, and the scenes were nice

tintan 2012.08.28
loving all the games :D

themoda 2012.08.28
I wait for a thresome!!! for the rest good graphics, but too short

raveblade1 2012.08.28
The game was okay and the graphics were good but I didn`t like it much :/

tonybrutality 2012.08.28
very fun game i had alot of fun playing it

jafo69 2012.08.28
Interesting selections to make. Endings seemed to make some sense, too bad the game seemed a bit short. Graphic pictures were great. Overall one of the top games on this site so far.

randy06 2012.08.28
another very good game have done one ending and hope to finsh all and sexy ladys like usal andd moes sex secenes be good and more action too

bodog 2012.08.27
it was pretty hot, i wish there was more

mick149 2012.08.27
pretty good graphics but very simple game

sweetkeene 2012.08.27
i think this game is so goood it made me horny

heryyue 2012.08.27
i like verry much this game

ThyCrimson 2012.08.27
This a very nice game. I love the graphics and the detail put into this game. The plot is one of a kind. :)

branknock 2012.08.27
as always very good game, nice graphic`s. will play again

zr77z 2012.08.27
Really good game. I loved the graphics, but it could have been a little more challenging.

drvwghia 2012.08.27
Whoa. Love it. Still haven`t gotten all endings but the ones i have were nice.

scarface2473 2012.08.27
nice game. liked how easy and hot it was.

derda 2012.08.27
it is a nice game and everyvbody must play it cool

ECRIDER 2012.08.26
Good flow but short on instructions as to what to do.

Dewillion 2012.08.26
Yup, beautiful game! I playing this once more!

pusshound 2012.08.26
Good story. Hot girls. A threesome is missing. Would like more graphic sex scenes. All in all, worth playing all endings.

trencin 2012.08.26
classic graphics, only few animation, too short story, but still better then avarage

DarkRanta 2012.08.26
cool game, hot girls and great graphics

shre1928 2012.08.26
what a sexy game sexy gals great sex

darin 2012.08.26
the gameplay was awesome i loveed the game

Vincent187 2012.08.26
Great game love the endings wish it was longer

AllyB 2012.08.26
If only there was more girl on girl action, this game was so hot. It s a shame it is so short, I could of played for ages!

Xhaka 2012.08.26
Nice game, needs more options tho

copper231 2012.08.26
Not bad, could use more options though.

CJ 101 2012.08.26
Okay well I found the fifth one what a real disappointment that one was.

CJ 101 2012.08.26
Was pretty good game... four endings... if you break out of the make out session in the bathroom... you end up going straight... strange how these things happen.

MysteryMan28 2012.08.25
I loved playing this game,amazing game graphics and animation with it, it steaming hot

harrywibowo 2012.08.25
good graph, but no option for 3 some ? i give 8 of 10

Hunter99004 2012.08.25
Good game, seem like more can be added as time goes on

Demoydor 2012.08.25
good quality and game really sexy

andre7391 2012.08.25
Very good game, i found every end

1NT0X 2012.08.25
good graphics, preaty girls, even the music is nice... could be a little bit longer (more sex scenes).

Pusher 2012.08.25
Good story, but would love more play-options

antihero 2012.08.25
Really good game. I loved the graphics, but it could have been a little more challenging.

torchtouch 2012.08.25
The girls are attractive but there are too few sex scenes, there is no real challenge to the game, the dating series from play force one have always been top notch, they are enjoyable for being sexy, providing variety, having challenges, and having a lot of sex scenes ... so ... let`s see some more like them or of them!!!!! This one barely kept my interest to play twice.

SteveStryker 2012.08.25
Really nice girls, hot scenes and cool grafics.

jpsacrey 2012.08.25
feels great to play such a sexy game and nice graphics to

bremco 2012.08.25
great game, to bad that there is no threesome

curan 2012.08.24
Fun and really well designed. More endings would have been a plus, but the whole story and the final blowjob are really sexy.

AnnaRainbow 2012.08.24
Fun game to play, lots of sexy energy throughout! As always the art and design work are excellent. The scenario and text are more interesting than the last few games. The added element of making a choice before the clock ran out added excitement and urgency to the game play. This is a winner, I think.

samp122 2012.08.24
personally, i did not like it.... I believe it was too long adn rarely errotic.... please make a better game, my dick needs to be stroked.... no way to fuck on this game... only 2 lesbian scenes, 1 bj and 2 bad ends...
Disappointing :(

ashish0808 2012.08.24
loved the game...got bored with last few games....finally smthng gud...

Blitzkriegbob 2012.08.24
This games are getting better and better the more they do. This one is nearly my favorite one.

saquib.khan966 2012.08.24
feels great to play such a sexy game and nice graphics to

derda 2012.08.24
i like it i wish it more games like this its like the sims

spirek 2012.08.24
The game is preety hot.I liked it.

yeowch 2012.08.24
Endings in no particular order:

Cri de C??ur (Cry of Heart) - bad ending
A Chacun Son Go??t (To Each His Taste) - BJ ending
Coup de Foudre (Love at First Sight)
La Vie Normale (Normal Life) - "most normal" ending
Folie ? Deux (Folly of Two) - 100% "lesbianized" ending

will re-play (again) to put in all methods to get endings...

wolfman 2012.08.24
the cursor moves better than on the other games,and claire is a jewel

wolfman 2012.08.24
claire is redhot, i still cant get the threesome though,do we have to be members to get kelly?,its looong overdue that one.

Jaxen 2012.08.24
Great game, I wish there would have been an option for full fledged threesome

kaiser_ray 2012.08.24
nice game but still too short

casobs2 2012.08.24
I liked the game, it was better than the last few ones in terms of gameplay. Almost going back to what worked. I did think there should have been a few more scenes before the ending, but no big deal, its was fun!

primus21 2012.08.24
I think the game is to short though

primus21 2012.08.24
Great game and the woman looked amazing

Sexy_Bunny 2012.08.24
loved the game only can get endings 1,2, and 5 but i dont like the fact that it looks like theres no 3some in this game

Dave1232 2012.08.23
this is a great game with a good story line

stevie 2012.08.23
Very good game, one of the best... awsome quality, a lot of opportunity, and easy sex moments gameplay!!!

stefano71 2012.08.23
wow!!! wonderfull game and graphic

butman 2012.08.23
Not bad , i like graphics and stuff and the storyline actually works

Tanath 2012.08.23
Kendra has two left hands in the bathroom scene.

kjdehn 2012.08.23
great game but where is kelly i need to exchange fluids with kelly

jacob2323 2012.08.23
great graphic,great gameplay and a good story but the game was too short.i will waiting for new episode of this.

hamm3rh3ad1001 2012.08.23
The game play was grate nice graphic love the real pic it like your there in person

playboy21 2012.08.23
very nice graphics and plot!

stargold4 2012.08.23
i love the game great atwork

eagleata 2012.08.23
god this is good :) thnx pf1

tdaynis 2012.08.23
love the game.... i hope they keep making games like these. animations are good...simple....interesting......simply fun :)

mapcabra2 2012.08.23
it´s a great game with a really good graphics i´m waiting another similar

cocomicrob 2012.08.23
good graphics, preaty girls, even the music is nice... could be a little bit longer (more sex scenes).

bestia99rom 2012.08.23
good game very fun but should be longer

abott_hero 2012.08.23
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

andy557 2012.08.23
Interesting selections to make. Endings seemed to make some sense, too bad the game seemed a bit short. Graphic pictures were great. Overall one of the top games on this site so far. Which begs the question when are newer Kelly Quests being added? Long Overdue....

farkas 2012.08.23
Very nice background graphics, nice story alternativ endings and pretty and hot girls. I give9/10 points.

xtreme1012 2012.08.23
great game and great graphics

WARDOG77 2012.08.23
Not the best of this series. a little short and a little to easy.

dandydon 2012.08.23
hot sex, easy to play, what more could I ask?

randy06 2012.08.23
yes another great game finshed first one now getb the other endinds and see what happens with all sex with her and a threesome and david by self

melobaby 2012.08.23
good game very fun but should be longer

robd_7 2012.08.22
good game, not long enough tho

amy678945 2012.08.22
This game was hot I liked the lesbian scenes But A bit confucing

danman5372 2012.08.22
I liked this game, but it isn`t long enough

Xyzzy 2012.08.22
A good little game to add to the repertoire. Artwork is very nice, and I`m sure your new graphics artist will improve. I absolutely LOVED the little bug crawling around near the motorbike at the very beginning -- a very nice little touch. That type of attention to detail must be carried through the rest of the game, though, especially the sex scenes.

I understand the focus of your major efforts are toward the premium games -- you folks gotta eat, too. But in this game and the last, it seems that so much more could have been done. And I don`t mean the menage a trois, which gets mentioned again and again in this game. For example, what`s the point of having to click on a bunch of stuff when helping Claire put her stuff away? It feels like you had some ideas that didn`t get incorporated into the game.

Anyway, good game, thanks for this one and all the others.

sexyone1 2012.08.22
This game is amazing. I like the graphics

Mezcalwurm 2012.08.22
Reasonable graphics, like all these games there`s no meaningful connection between choices and consequences, but at least the story isn`t completely non-existent.

Psycho1985 2012.08.22
Very good game, one of the best... awsome quality, a lot of opportunity, and easy sex moments gameplay!!!

C.C. 2012.08.22
Love all the different possibilities. Would really have liked a 3 way. Maybe later?

Speedy1977 2012.08.22
This was a good game. I liked it.

T M 2012.08.22
Great game but even with the many endings I feel it was to short and to easy.

Bothead 2012.08.22
This was a good game. I liked it.

multiplex_1 2012.08.22
ending 1: get cought at pool (don`t stop her kissing and stuff)
ending 2: stop her at pool, tell her about David
ending 3: stop her at pool, tell her you don`t want to get cought, finish masturbation in time
ending 4: let her draw you, stop her at pool, tell her about david
ending 5: stop her at pool, tell her you don`t want to get cought, DON`T finish masturbation in time

yoda 2012.08.22
Ending 4 is the blowjob ending, you get it by telling her about David, stopping her, and not keeping David waiting any longer when she wants you to wash her back

dhruboPassion 2012.08.22
The game was short.....expected a little more interactions

C.C. 2012.08.22
I`ve got 4 of the 5. Like others I`m having trouble with 4. I`ll keep trying.

picture_fool 2012.08.22
This is a great game, and I`m getting to really like the lesson of Passion series.

FriendlyFriendForce1 2012.08.22
Ok game, little bit short but I still enjoyed it.

tonptitpignouf 2012.08.22
Graphics are in the middle. Missed only threesome. But the girls are sexy.

Dipakk 2012.08.22
i luv this game. Nice graphics too

mendragor 2012.08.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

drake44 2012.08.22
ending 1: get cought at pool (don`t stop her kissing and stuff)
ending 2: stop her at pool, tell her about David
ending 3: stop her at pool, tell her you don`t want to get cought, finish masturbation in time
ending 5: stop her at pool, tell her you don`t want to get cought, DON`T finish masturbation in time

ending 4 i don`t know, pls someone who knows help me/us

1179g 2012.08.22
Game was alright could be longer and get the guy to be a part of the action

antib 2012.08.22
I`m not found of lesbian thing but like always, good graphics and nice story. too bad, it`s too short.

C.C. 2012.08.22
Found 2 endings so far. I`ll keep trying.

jada4 2012.08.22
Okay,Finally new LoP game... played it,found 3 endings.....Wtf??? thats all??after the long time without LoP game? this? terrible graphics,few sex scenes, unbelievably short...

dreadwolf 2012.08.22
graphics goo animations good

DreamTim 2012.08.22
I`m not found of lesbian thing but like always, good graphics and nice story. too bad, it`s too short.

banes 2012.08.22
Ok game, like the touch of real places. Too short.

s@nt!no 2012.08.22
3/10. No threesome, horrible graphics and a ridicules story. I guess the paid sites will get all of the AAA games from now on and we`ll be "treated" to this crap.


Rengar 2012.08.22
Good game, nice graphis, but very short. No threesome or something ;)

HarSlan 2012.08.22
people say please how get 4 endings i have 1 2 3 and 5 and can t get 4 ending say please how get 4 ending

lenni61 2012.08.22
it is a nice game with a good graphik

Devin Da Dude 2012.08.22
Cant get down with this. too short, and no threesome. I expect a little more than this

Jan.Tyo 2012.08.22
Quite disappointed with this series compared with the rest of the LOP. The game is kinda short and the choices given are pretty much straight forward. But nonetheless, will be looking forward to the new series of games coming up.

HarSlan 2012.08.22
Say please how do 4 endings please??=)

ThePunch 2012.08.22
I can`t express how disappointed i am that there is no threesome option in this game. It seemed promising at first, but the endings didn`t do much for me. I love lesbians, but I could have used a little bit of david manhandling them a little bit. Could have been better all around.

Guess I`m going back to play old Keeley games then...

viperhr 2012.08.22
good game! endings are cool!

Sciakal 2012.08.22
Funny. I don`t find ending 4... Or lesbian or nothing in other ending.

Spikez 2012.08.22
great game love the graphics too

Jaaru 2012.08.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

slapp 2012.08.22
i love the new game they did can someone help me how to ending 2,3 and 4 i only had 2 endings but i need some help

edward99 2012.08.22
Love the graphics, love the dialogue, but WTF no threesome?!? It`s a pornographic video game, put some more PORN in it!

mannyhattan 2012.08.22
Pretty good, not to many twists or turns, but fun

kabal67 2012.08.22
How do I get the 5th ending?

CactusZack2 2012.08.22
I got all 5 endings...can`t believe there`s no threesome.

bRon 2012.08.22
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

Saracus 2012.08.22
the game is decent. found 2 good endings and 1 bad so far.

roni4uhi 2012.08.22
The game was boring, I got two scenes. I don`t want to try to get the rest.

Xanitos 2012.08.22
I got three out of five, two bad and the one lesbian scene. Anyone get all five or have a few hints to share?

keriloth 2012.08.22
No way to fuck on this game... only 2 lesbian scenes, 1 bj and 2 bad ends...
Disappointing :(

oXDarkEyesXo 2012.08.22
Yay 3rd comment! Well nice game nice graphics defenetly going to favorites!

ilikeappes 2012.08.21
Lol why is David so angry, he`s the one who wanted to fk that girl... He should just want for a threesome...

ilikeappes 2012.08.21
Dang, love the graphics and the pictures of real life places!

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