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Xxkylej0104xX 2015.04.24
Avesome graphic. I love this game!!

jessy031 2015.04.24
i love this game, the girl is perfect and the achievement is find good

elvinaervina 2015.04.24
A very good game.. but should have come with more endings

ScottS69 2015.04.24
Really nice game and awesome graphics.

stefw 2015.04.24
very nice game graphicly and I like the achievements

fergal 2015.04.24
good game. like the achievements options!

hunted 2015.04.24
Realy nice game I like the graphics and animation

AxelHH 2015.04.24
all achievments

not the best idea:
touch her boobs at start (i think)

perfect warmup:
happy she agreed on the date
like her necklace
kiss her cheek
caress her thighs
boldly step between her legs

in front of everybody/nasty blackmail (you must go to the dance club first before the bar in order to get enough points) (at the dance club buy champagne, buy drink, ask her to dance for you)
At the bar,
ask about hobbies
tell her she is such...
say that you love her leg between your thighs
sensually kiss her calves
put your hand underneath her dress
finger her faster (you should get nasty blackmail stop here and you can go to hotel and pool if you want)
make her cum on the table

let them watch
when at the dance club (go to bar first do all the good things hobbies, beautiful, leg position, kiss her thigh, release her leg. At the club buy champagne, drink, dance for you, sensual dance)
raise her dress

girl you`re nuts (do everything like let them watch)
go to pool area
lower her strap
raise her dress
unzip and remove
help her remove her heel
compliment boobs
touch her thighs
massage belly
massage pussy
get naked in front of her

mr romantic (same as girl you`re nuts instead of getting naked tell her she doesn`t have to do this)
help her get dressed and end the night

i love your lips (same as mr romantic but invite her to hotel)
tell her she is beautiful
massage her thighs
ask her to suck her finger
ask her to touch herself
caress her boobs (finally haha)
dive between her legs
ask her to suck you dick

flawless victory
complete the sex scene after the blowjob (don`t cum inside)

creamy pie
pretty self explanatory ;)

have fun guys
you should get all endings doing this as well.

vaisugu 2015.04.24
How to archive "cream pie"

Aeldreth 2015.04.24
Fun game with a great model. Unfortunately, there is very little deviation in order to get most of the achievements. There is really only one main path to follow unless you fail the relationship.


germanico2 2015.04.24
what about the achievements?

germanico2 2015.04.24
What is the walkthrough to flawless victory.

studiuse71 2015.04.24
Love the game! The model is very hot. I`ve found that to get some of the achievements, like Blackmail, you have to go dancing before going to the bar.

cwoodb11 2015.04.24
in reply to bariwizard: Nasty blackmail involves fingering her in the bar.

Anyone know anything about the "Girl, You`re Nuts!" achievement? when you get to the pool and get her naked don`t say she dose not have to do this get naked yourself then play though and you will get the "Girl, You`re Nuts!" achievementyour

luchador2008 2015.04.23
help her
compliment her boobs
touch her
massage her belly
massage her pussy
get naked infront of her
say you dont have to do this [ if you get naked you will get a blowjob n a bad ending]
ask her to go to the hotel with you


GirlFan 2015.04.23
good game, very good story,and beutiful girl.

Ending 3


Compliment her necklace
Say that you´re happy that she agreed to this date
Gently kiss her cheek
Caress her thighs
Boldly step between her thighs
Invite her somwhere else

Drink Bar

Ask about her hobbies
Tell her that she is such beautiful woman and you´re ready to marry her
Say that you Love her leg between your thighs
Sensusally her legs

Dance Club

offer her a drink
Ask her to dance for you
By a bottle of champagne
Sensually dance with her
Raise her dress a little
Invite her somwhere else

Private Pool

Lower her strapa little
Raise her dress a little
Unzip and remove her dress
Help her remove her heel
Complyment her boobs
Touch her thighs
Sensually massage her belly
Massage her pussy
Say that you don´t have to do this
Ask her if she wants to go to a hotel with you


Say that she Looks ravishing
Massage her thigh
Ask her to suck her finger
Massage her inner thighs
Ask her to touch herself
Caress her boobs
Dive between her legs
Ask her to suck your dick
Say she is doing very well
Push her harder
Slow down a little


Massage her thigh
Spread her legs
Finger her
Say that you love to watch her
Put your fingers deeper Inside her
Finger her as fast as you can

Take her from behind
Ask her to ride you on top
Take her from behind
Ride her from a side position
Ask her to ride you on top
Ride her from a side position

Cum over her boobs
Cum over her face

luchador2008 2015.04.23
good game but too short and easy

Kissed her cheek
1st line
2nd line
step between
carres her thigs


ask her about her hobbies
tell her shes beautifull..n u want her to be ur wife
offer drink drink


offer drink
dance for you
dance with her
raise her dress

lower her strap a little
raise her dress a little
unzip and remove her dress

HarrietGarmin 2015.04.23
its ok not the best way to complex to actually get anything

mikelito22 2015.04.23
it`s a bit difficult, I can`t take her to the hotel

adis002 2015.04.23
Graphics is really amazing and the game is quiet easy to finish :)

decconan 2015.04.23
I had kiss her leg in the bar, but there is no "Nasty Blackmail". @bariwizard, how to get it, thanks. And how about "in front of everyone".

br4d3k 2015.04.23
Guys I need help ,I dont know if its bug but I can get her anywhere......

Kissed her cheek
1st line
2nd line
step between
carres her thigs




dance 4 you
dance with her

and then nothin.....thx 4 help

jcc1985 2015.04.23
good game very short but girl is hot

nonamefaceless 2015.04.23
For the `Girl you are nuts` achievement go to pool and select strip option instead of `you dont have to do this` option, you will eventually get it

Rapist Geoff 2015.04.23
Great storyline very hot and erotic

bariwizard 2015.04.23
Nasty blackmail involves fingering her in the bar.

Anyone know anything about the "Girl, You`re Nuts!" achievement?

ivanmen 2015.04.23
very good story,and beutiful girl

grontbil 2015.04.23
Well that ones got my heart

Jaaru 2015.04.23
Nice looking new game, liked it.

fox10 2015.04.23
Avesome graphic. I love this game!!!

Maciste 2015.04.23
Great game!
The model, Gina is hot and very well designed, her body looks very realistic, I love it.
Definitely it`s worth playing it!!!

Zagge 2015.04.23
Great short game and Gina is hot.
Got all achievements, there is no bonus.

Jberg7694 2015.04.23
excellent graphics as always one of the better games I`ve played and the animations were awesome too.

Tyr75 2015.04.23
Nice game but i really like the Fiat 500 :p

Raio10 2015.04.23
Cool game with nice animations i think people should play this.

Firekiss 2015.04.23
Realy nice game I like the animations

morrel 2015.04.23
Anyone know how to get the nasty blackmail achievement?

CTHunter 2015.04.23
is there a bonus for getting all the achievements?

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