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Cheerleader Party




momoga 2016.06.24
Good game but so long, in general worth to play

suzhaku 2016.06.19
good fucking game, i like it

latinagr 2016.02.09
Nice and good quality games but so hard to control and understand what to do that get it boaring

ranran 2015.12.28
good blowjob in the beginning but then the shower scene... it takes way too long

katsan 2015.11.29
Pretty girl but just like the farmers daughter app its soooo slow.

play40 2015.10.11
awesome game with great graphics

mista0317 2015.09.19
can i get a walkthrough

bluedevilcindy 2015.08.27
This a great game with lots of action and very sexy girls.

twotouch 2015.08.15
slow start to the game, if you have not played this type of game it takes a bit to find the hot spots. good graphic`s nice game.

bighead11 2015.08.11
Its cool more the graphics


tyriba2000 2015.04.25
very slow great hen starting to work

j3hj3h 2015.03.12
I couldn`t get into it... meh.

cambridge4453 2015.02.03
Its s short entry to a bigger game and not very interesting, taking along time for not much. All you see is a penis which does not turn me on, but the graphics are really good

cambridge4453 2015.02.03
goes slow and sticks. Cheerleader looks great though

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
great game, I wish more of them

pieffepi 2014.10.19
Nice prequel to what`s next. Animations and graphics are really nice. I like it a lot

Iva_bigun_12 2014.10.14
This game has great graphics and is pretty satisfying

Digiman 2014.09.27
Does anyone know how this game works??

rmeikle20 2014.05.07
I m stuck at the very beginning. What do you do when she`s in the shower?

network22 2014.05.04
A little on the complicated side but still fun. Can take a while to figure out exactly what to do next.

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.27
Very confusing for me, graphics were good tho.

Cemeth 2014.04.23
i got stuck on shower scene.. can anyone help

Amincoy 2014.03.27
nice story but take along time to finish

motorbebek2010 2014.03.24
Good graphics, but a bit hard to play

nothingelse 2014.02.20
Top game and very god story

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
One of the all time best adult flash games. Part 2 is even better!! Everyone must play these games. My all time favorites! Great job guys!

johndark 2013.11.17
short and sweet, fair graphics, love gameplay

Belgram 2013.11.16
this has to be the best game ever it goes on for ages well worth the time it takes to finish it

SideshowJoe 2013.10.06
Bad controls with even less describtion of what you should do and worst of all you have to wait for everysentence like 5 seconds.

sklavincari 2013.08.26
only playable on external website!

justlee12 2013.08.17
part where in equipment room HARD AND STUCK on when shes naked and got cock betwen tits

justlee12 2013.08.17
shower scene zoom on pussy both tits and face

w1drng22 2013.07.27
Short, but interesting how they used two different emotions at once, making you keep them in balance.

calvino9 2013.06.10
very good game
sexy action
naked girl it would be even better

jamers 2013.06.07
love it, these types of games have been changing lately but I really like the old ones best

63ted 2013.05.11
Can I get help with the shower scene please.

SExy guy555 2013.05.07

gwazz 2013.04.22
every thing went so slow i nearly fell aleep

adamrambo 2013.03.31
I have no idea what to do in this game stuck on shower scene I I see are red arrows but nothing happens when you click on them can anybody help

imiko 2013.03.16
Takes to long to get to the interactive scenes

novyarroz 2013.03.10
hay que mover el raton por la pantalla

hant 2013.03.07
i love this gome...pretty chik and nice graphic.

gartal 2013.02.25
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.08
This is a sweet game. A little hard to figure out in a place or two, but not bad.

kpjr278 2013.02.07
I want more, this is a hot game!

genesimmons 2013.02.04
The game`s too slow to load, not responsive.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

CB54 2013.01.10
Nice graphics, decent story; but animation not worth the effort; much too slow.

nugget61 2013.01.02
kinda short but actually very hot !!

ballsac 2012.12.25
I liked this game. The graphics were good, a slight learning curve, then a slight genital curve.

giantomnisquid 2012.12.22
This really needs instruction. How do you control the guy?

Mr. Magic 2012.12.13
Really hard to know what to do. I found the graphics to be pretty nice, but hated the controls.

domebitch 2012.11.28
good but honestly kinda slow

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
These guys really know how to make a great game!

Theosopher 2012.11.21
Great game with a great demand for a part 2.

xxxextreme 2012.11.20
I think it is not game. It´s animation

abc15 2012.11.18
can someone write some simple guides for it,, dont really know how it works lol

JLK123 2012.11.17
good animation slow to get down over all, am average game.

noti 2012.11.15
good game, a little slow and a little difficult to play

mastermiro 2012.11.13
easy, nice and good game!

f1rstt1mer 2012.10.30
Difficult to know what to do and a little slow for dialogue scenes - but great graphics and can`t wait for 2!

derrabe77 2012.10.21
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

zeke1986 2012.09.05
this game is like the ultimate cheerleader fantasy, awesomely laid out.

Joseph121 2012.08.30
wow i love it very very fun

nbmrsl 2012.08.10
good game but i couldn`t finish so help me at the party scene

protagonist1989 2012.08.07
this game was not that exicting

bigcock15 2012.07.29
good graphics, and a great plot

Oezha 2012.07.15
I like the animation and nice graphic, but not the censored

surfkungen 2012.07.13
Very sexy girls but a bit boring

inmortal914 2012.06.17
Very good game. but it is a little long. The creator put together a nice story

nicolaas81 2012.06.15
when is part 2 coming here

jcm0824 2012.06.03
This game seems to hang up a lot. Could use a hint button. Also should have an auto play icon. Sometimes I don`t know if I am controlling the action or if it is auto play. Just so so game.

redrick123 2012.06.01
this game is so nice... haha really great game..

timaeus0 2012.05.31
loved this one lil tricky with the controls but amazing story and graphics

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
Very good game. but it is a little long. This long of a game needs a save option, or save points.

rossoblu 2012.05.28
as like other pusooy game, love it! nice game and nice graphic..

WantsToPlay 2012.05.26
Little boring at first but gets better

Crazzzi 2012.05.22
perfect but need to be shortened and hints should be included

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Pusooy games are hot and good quality :)

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.29
a good game its cool and hot

faltu.d 2012.04.28
hints should definitely be part of the game , hints please!!

bigbellend7 2012.04.28
Animations are a bit ragged and non flowing. Exceedingly difficult to get the `passion meter` to rise up to the top by moving the mouse. There needs to be better control

163496 2012.04.24
This game has great graphics and is pretty satisfying, though i get confused as to what to do sometimes since the rules or aim is not really stated.

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.13
nice game, a little bit loud to load but nice

lil niqo 2012.04.13
de game was so sweet ,am in love

csaszi1 2012.04.09
Great game. Starts slow, but after it`s good. Unfortunatelly the girl with the computer guy is the best and she gets the least action. Would be nice to have part two.

mute 2012.04.07
man i love this game pussy rocks

RickyCindahood 2012.03.17
dont you just love cheerleaders

loltroll123 2012.03.16
this is the best game i have pladed so far

MultiKonfusion 2012.03.16
love this game ;D its one of my favorites

glukos37 2012.03.12
up there with farmers daughter ,ace game!

asihab 2012.02.23
Good game, but too long for action.........great graphycs.............

rot 2012.02.20
4th ball in shower is head. Wow, what a lot of work.

gorex 2012.02.09
nice game and very very hot

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game, the graphics are so good !

sammyshambles 2012.02.01
up there with farmers daughter ,ace game!

bamgottcha 2012.01.24
good gameplay but a bit difficult, 7 overall

ben_500 2012.01.24
nice game good graphic but hard to figure out how to play

Gnomon 2012.01.24
How do you get past the shower scene? I got the three circles for zooming in on each of her tits and her pussy. Now what?

actstylo1990 2012.01.15
need to wait so long to loading..
but hten worth to be waiting..
awesome game..^_^

john194 2012.01.09
game is awesome BUT a bit difficult !

elishacuthbert 2012.01.07
alright I don`t know if anyone can help me with this game but I`m stuck on the hand job part and I cant figure out what to do..nothing is working could anyone plz help me? would be much appreciated..and I just found this game and already love it

Guillaume 2012.01.03
Controls are not similar to many other games and take a while to get used to, but once u get the hang of it it`s done. Sometimes a bit long to load. But really worth it.

brit_man33 2011.12.30
Is trying to figure out the beginning worth it!!??

nightwillo 2011.12.28
so stop at shower part to hard to understand or comtrol

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
a good game its cool and hot

Michel99 2011.12.27
Really good even though what you have to do is not always obvious. The beginning of part 2 is really hard to go through at some stage and make unnecessary longer a game that is already long (which is fair). Worth the time invested anyway.

Triton400 2011.12.27
Great graphics but hard to figure out.

samkin 2011.12.23
Great game! love the graphics, sometimes hard, almost frustrating, but you get the reward... wishing for more like that one

pornguy85 2011.12.22
A very good game and very good graphics.

Eugenebert 2011.12.18
Great game, very nice graphics, but I agree, sometimes takes a long time to figure out how to move it along.

shuvobd 2011.12.15
great game i wish could play

sexrex77 2011.12.11
nice but it requires a bit more quality

fwoodbine 2011.12.09
Stuck at 59% loading for a VERY long time - wish they could make it a little more efficient to load and check this one out.

derda 2011.12.06
needs more parts to it, but looks like it will be good when finished

bsalover47 2011.12.06
just played part 1 great game now going onto part 2

pratik0803 2011.12.05
awesome game.....loved d graphiczz......

mikel3505 2011.12.04
Good game long to load but worth the wait

jmack954 2011.12.02
The best game on the planet

Juleene 2011.12.02
Interesting...But i like the challenge :) Very fun

AngelStorm747 2011.11.28
Wow, that was a tough one! Games by Poosy are always difficult, but that one was special! And the second part was even tougher. Nice artworks on the other hand, and the animations are good as always. PLZZZZ next time place at least Some hinds into the game!

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

notes1 2011.11.22
fantastic game , nice graphics...

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

lazy boy 2011.11.20
nice game .. hot .

wrnyhuise 2011.11.16
game play was pretty decent and control were nice

mj7923 2011.11.14
It takes time to figure out the mouse-gesture controls, and they`re not perfect, but this is an awesome game. Mix these girls with Ariane from the dat-sim, and add just a little more wit and I`d be in heaven.

BallIdiot 2011.11.14
Great game with awesome graphics. One of the best games I have played here. Takes a while to figure out how to get past some scenes.

Game froze on me when during level 2 of the surveillance stage... I finished the 2 girls and clicked on the mirror before it faded out to the monitor. Game freeze...

24AWSOMEDUDE 2011.11.12
One part of one of my fantasies, and i do wish that you could get some sound, and more options.

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.09
boring game hard to play

REIVAJ311 2011.11.09
but in what school they hide these girls? I never had a partner so

m4lv1n 2011.11.05
this is a great game from pusooy. I love this game farmers daughter is also great. nice graphic

shadowknight43 2011.10.28
The game is wonderful and fantastic

rock_002 2011.10.27
great game with great graphics........

thinlwin 2011.10.27
i have some problem for play.but i think it`s a good game.graphic not bed.

jbarcarr 2011.10.22
puso has done it again. Great graphics, and a little bit of a challenge to figure out how pace both pleasure bars to reach the peak at the same time.

shintia 2011.10.21
too slow to load... good graphic

csox 2011.10.19
its really hard to play, nice graphics though, i wish the story line where more complicated, and the game were just a bit longer, but i loved it, thx

csox 2011.10.19
grate gameplay, i loved it, especially the graphics

mj7923 2011.10.19
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

justapeek 2011.10.13
took a bit to load, but the game was alright
kinda got confusing/slow in part 2 though

pepsitwist1 2011.10.05
good at all beautiful one

naughty pilot 2011.10.05
good game, graphics are great, andd animation is perfect

nikka09 2011.10.02
i love the graphic!!! and its fun i love it!!

jpsacrey 2011.10.02
Great realistic graphics. Game play sometimes hard to figure out but worth learning.

pfiffie 2011.09.25
good game, a little slow and a little difficult to play

cobracommander 2011.09.21
How do you get past the Cheerlaeder and the guy in the 69 shirt room?

bitvypr 2011.09.18
Fun game and hot, once you figure out how to get past the shower bit. [Hint: Focus!] Enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2. Wish there was a Part 3!

cheesy 2011.09.11
The game was too all over the place. I enjoyed it though.

toulavej 2011.09.08
I am stuck with the two gils in the locker room. got one in pink undies they talked now what??

bonez28 2011.09.04
great game i wish could play part 2 and part 3...

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game, but seen better ones.

babygirlari 2011.08.28
game was good but to long

nanas 2011.08.22
Great realistic graphics. Game play sometimes hard to figure out but worth learning.

nestorandres01 2011.08.19
nice horny cheerledeader game!!!

Biggzmgee 2011.08.15
Hey can someone help me the game doesn`t load it just gives me a wired controller on my screen

sophia 2011.08.14
it is hard gamein both ways but realy good

baleine 2011.08.14
Great game with beautiful, realistic animations. The second part is especially sophisticated and hot. It`s one of my favorite.

DimS 2011.08.14
Great game, I loved it all the way.... Might seem a bit hard to begin with but when you get the hung of it it`s really cool and exciting to the end

skunkboy 2011.08.13
how do u get past shower part??

lagom 2011.08.13
i like it that is is so hard, very good game

rsca78 2011.08.12
great game but hard. can`t wait for part 3

Blabouc 2011.08.11
Really good even though what you have to do is not always obvious. The beginning of part 2 is really hard to go through at some stage and make unnecessary longer a game that is already long (which is fair). Worth the time invested anyway.

pasat 2011.08.11
Story line needs improvement

pasat 2011.08.11
Graphics almost great. Story line needs improvement

vilhelm 2011.08.10
Graphics almost great. Story line needs improvement, but great, i loved it. But for the love of Penis make the next one easier to play!!!

Bawg 2011.08.03
how do u get past shower part??

kkuubb 2011.07.29
excellent, i love this game, (part 2) its really long but worth it. the length is the only thing that stops me playing over and over. more like this please!...

grba69 2011.07.28
Very good game but it is a little long

jjdoyle79 2011.07.27
Awesome game hoping they have a part 3

Darksareth44 2011.07.26
i had fun playing this game

josh11 2011.07.25
hmmm cheerleaders look great loving the graphics

toracoxroe 2011.07.20

pawan2modi 2011.07.16
Awesome game and really nice graphic, good that easy to play

okonamaroko2 2011.07.09
good game but slow and long

Dr. Tom 2011.07.03
Great game. Not hard to figure out.

mitzy 2011.06.29
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

highlander666 2011.06.29
a super game , the graphic is good and the story is niv´ce

bjorn0011 2011.06.28
this is a really nice game. really good graphics and a nice story. not to easy so ok

dick_dastardly69 2011.06.28
Great graphics and good game

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Old one classic tho but old!

John G 2011.06.24
Great realistic graphics. Game play sometimes hard to figure out but worth learning.

alsen_99 2011.06.18
this game totally awesome i cant stop

Tomcatt 2011.06.13
i had alot of fun playing this came

abongabing 2011.06.12
part 1 and part 2 is superb !

C.C. 2011.06.08
Loved playing this again. Too bad it ended the way it did. Would have been great for another adventure. Maybe with the two voyeurs getting a little more action.

C.C. 2011.05.31
Part one was good. Part two is super.

xhyk0 2011.05.30
good graphics. nice stroy line but less actions

shakezulla17 2011.05.24
Awesome game with lots of girls, kinda hard though

BlueGold 2011.05.23
goog graphics, good story, but it takes soo long

rastafariangod 2011.05.23
I loved this game, the girl was so hot!

TFearz 2011.05.22
not bad game. could use a bit more action though

sajrd 2011.05.19
this game is so slow, you could make and eat your dinner waiting for it!

Asghan 2011.05.19
Very good game. Good graphics and good story.

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

m4t0n 2011.05.15
hots girls makes this game superb

jeb123456789123 2011.05.15
gayest game over
first off i didnt know what to do and the graphics were horrible

numbmonster 2011.05.06
Very good game. Good graphics and good story.

BLACK9 2011.05.05
Not bad! really nice game.

dojo128 2011.05.04
i liked this game, the game was a little slow but then it got better, i especially like teacher and student scenes

Steelthwood 2011.05.01
a bit boring at first then action came, nice graphics too

jameskan 2011.04.28
awesome game. a bit more interaction would be cool.

josueo 2011.04.26
Its kinda boring at first,but i got into it. The creator put together a nice story. A teacher and a cheerleader has alway been the best sexually couple.

inter123 2011.04.25
it took too long to complete! but ok

firekid18 2011.04.24
i quit playing after about a minute. seemed like it was going nowhere. also it seemed like little effort was put into making it. They weren`t even saying anything. just dry humping against the wall. to pull people in you need to have something at the very beginning to pull people into it.

kyle01 2011.04.23
graphics were great and good story line

gunts 2011.04.21
wooooow..... this site sooo greeaat....

smooth69 2011.04.18
looks cool, but hard to figure out.

giorgos231 2011.04.15
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

Skarn62 2011.04.09
Hard to find the way to the end cause no usual gameplay.
Still good moments .

kaxikayima 2011.04.08
this game is unplayable in IE on my laptop.... something with resolution

Skarn62 2011.04.07
Graphics ok, but not intuitive gameplay.
Just saw Shower scene...

Chill 2011.04.04
janitor closet took way too long

McGeown91 2011.04.03
Great game! graphics were excellent bit too long a game though

Armour 2011.04.01
I liked some of the models used in this game but the story is slightly too long for my tatse

conbron 2011.04.01
good graphics & idea, pretty girls. in the moments not easy controling

Asghan 2011.03.31
game is a little slow but the story is pretty good

poohskud 2011.03.28
good fun, graphics not bad, great theme

tokaygecko 2011.03.27
Good game, would be great if save was added.

Chelsea 2011.03.23
Cheerleader always make me hot

howsthis14u 2011.03.19
I`m stuck, need help with this one!

UrbanMarksman 2011.03.19
game is a little slow but the story is pretty good

magda 2011.03.19
nice game.....really like this type of game

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
This one was a bit long on the load times and seemed kind of laggy, but I had a lot of fun with it. I wish some of these games had save points.

marcelino21 2011.03.07
game was good but it was abit to long lol

6768 2011.03.05
jh god/it great game with amazing graphic

Myers 2011.03.04
The animation looked very cheesey for the first few scenes

junglemonkee 2011.02.27
good graphics but too long to play and there seems to be a lot of lag. didn`t get past the first activity because it was too long.

zeretet 2011.02.27
great game... specially part 2.

jellymight 2011.02.24
very sexyyyyyyyyyyy game man

thetbman 2011.02.24
Everything`s well, gameplay,graphic except for the speed..

jjteo 2011.02.21
Took too long to start and it was quite boring

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

tototiti 2011.02.17
good story and graphics but it`s slow to play
hint:you will have to photograph the face, the two breasts and downside

Danielle85 2011.02.16
Game freezes alot. otherwise good game

four44 2011.02.14
Freezes when they go in the closet

four44 2011.02.14
OK game a bit annoying it takes a long time

preciousbabae1234 2011.02.11
really good game but its kinda hard. help

hash19 2011.02.10
great game, great story, great graphics
there`s also a part two

king15 2011.02.09
nice gamea but it was a little bit loud to load but nice

sandman1000 2011.02.08
great game love the story and graphics

thomloch 2011.02.07
good game but was a bit long

sgj007 2011.02.07
this game is very hot and sexy

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very hot and amazing game.

sohai1123 2011.02.04
BRAVO~ very long game and nice to play..

arpe 2011.02.04
great game... specially part 2.

hersh2450 2011.02.02
Very nicely put together. Some places were easy to get stuck. But the chick was super sexy

horned 2011.02.01
great game
kinda slow but i kept on and am glad i did
good job poussy

randy06 2011.02.01
another graet game but like usaul get stuck half way or close to finsh the game but need more hints or imformation in game then we can all finsh them

inman 2011.02.01
I cant really get this to work

evilboy4499 2011.01.29
This game was very nice I liked it very much

JPrice89 2011.01.28
Good game and a bit challenging

carl88 2011.01.27
it a good game but bit slow at times but i like it

smilinjym 2011.01.25
Very challenging. I like the games and it takes awhile to figure out what is going on.

p-toons 2011.01.23
awesome game. a bit more interaction would be cool.


tckb 2011.01.18
nice story and good girls great games

billdale 2011.01.14
Good graphics but a little to long

shane007 2011.01.12
my fantasi is to fuck a cherleader girl itso hot

Krilos 2011.01.10
It`s a nice game with a pretty animation and nice puzzles, the plot is just superb.

HermanM 2011.01.10
nice graphics, but I couldn´t find, where to click.

anab 2011.01.08
Very good game. but it is a little long. This long of a game needs a save option, or save points

Pikelivan 2011.01.07
good game. takes to long though.

dudebr 2011.01.02
This game was too long I do prefer Lessons of Passion

Liyah 2010.12.31
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

BadBoy034 2010.12.31
a very nice game with pretty girls!

SolStar 2010.12.30
Not so keen on this game to slow in moving on graphics aren`t as smooth as other games

habsfan1990 2010.12.30
I like the dialogue but needs more sound

ujuu7 2010.12.23
gameplay could be better not the best but in general ok

DBlake17 2010.12.23
good game, could have been better, the graphics are ok

Rebellion77 2010.12.21
good game, sequel is a bit long though, also sometimes hard to tell what to do, but this first one is VERY good work

boldoman 2010.12.18
good game,strategy,graphics,u shld have put more action in part one tho

weromont 2010.12.17
Great game, can we get this hot girl to feature any other of the games? Good graphics!

Futurus 2010.12.16
nice game, but the gameplay could be better.

oranges2368 2010.12.15
that was fun and pretty hot

ptalgh 2010.12.15
graphics very very hott! nice game

acolyte 2010.12.14
had trouble in the beginning but the game got better.

stush124 2010.12.10

mcdxcom 2010.12.09
best game so far - slow and sometimes tedious - but 5 separate hot scenes very good graphics with hot girls and group sex -can take longer than an hour to play through. - which is a good thing!

Elfe 2010.12.06
Graphics are goods, sex scenes are good but it is a little long to have action

flameablex 2010.12.06
somehow i got stuck again and again. too bad the conversation can`t be made to skip faster.

steven69 2010.12.05
I had no clue what I was supose to do half the time and could not get past the blowjob

zeretet 2010.12.01
Game simplistic.. graphics very very hott!

ania_F 2010.11.28
another nice game and very pretty girl

m4lv1n 2010.11.28
nice game.. good graphics.. fantastic.

dsvjr19 2010.11.27
Game would be so much easier if it was straightforward and faster

jaleduc 2010.11.27
Very nice graphics and amazing sex scenes, but tedious to play because game reacts slowly and becomes long for nothing.

maxxxy 2010.11.26
Nah. Typical problem with these -- controls are far too finicky. this is one of the worst because there`s no clue as to what you`re supposed to do.

alikss 2010.11.25
Very good game. but it is a little long. This long of a game needs a save option, or save points

bsnell0 2010.11.24
The game took way to long to load and was not worth it!

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

rigilpaix 2010.11.21
Rather awkward and slow to load. Maybe a preloader would help?

hyparkantos 2010.11.20
A very nice game that was interesting. too slow to load.

Luzi 2010.11.15
a bit slow to load, but its a nice game with nice graphics!

Charles1981 2010.11.11
slow to load, not very long

edss1569 2010.11.09
slow to load and no instructions!

vikingdemon 2010.11.05
needs more parts to it, but looks like it will be good when finished

playforce8 2010.11.04
nice game, slow to load and a little difficult to play

yxyx 2010.11.03
very good but i miss treesome

samluv13 2010.11.03
awesome game. but graphics r acceptable..

maussy 2010.11.02
dificult but a great game to play

NaZi34 2010.11.01
nice game, I really enjoyed it.

sanji 2010.11.01
im happy with this game, im really enjoy it

himhu1990 2010.10.30
Good game, but it will be better there are more instructions

bluegrassg 2010.10.29
good game but it took me forever to beat it

Chaos_Warlord 2010.10.29
Pretty difficult to get around this game.

north262 2010.10.27
its good but you need a lot of patience

pyanz80 2010.10.24
Great game..... The only downside is that the vocab scenes take ages. It`d be nice to be able to scroll through fairly quickly.

holdenBA 2010.10.21
Very nice game... I like it!

bugs1959 2010.10.21
it"s a bit long but i wouldn`t mind staying that long in her mouth

edawgsburg 2010.10.18
Great game. Offers a very good challenge but thats what games do!! Just fill both bars and wam :)

sexxatron5 2010.10.17
nice game, but realy too mutch long

ferretsteve 2010.10.17
The graphics are good and i enjoyed them but the game takes way too long to play

jpkr 2010.10.16
alright game, not the best from this developer but fun,

golfbot 2010.10.16
great game. good graphics. control are a little difficult but workable.

chumak 2010.10.14
the game was good but it was slow and graphics sucked

rob 2010.10.13
Good game, very hard to play

wingrob14 2010.10.13
Nearly forgot to say that the music is bad and the dancing scene is too long by far!

wingrob14 2010.10.13
Great game..... The only downside is that the vocab scenes take ages. It`d be nice to be able to scroll through fairly quickly.

junkcar 2010.10.10
Nice game but sometimes it is hard to know what to do to move the story on.

LightAir 2010.10.09
From the makers of bloodheart....

H1da04 2010.10.08
I loved the opening scene, there`s just something about a cheerleader who`ll outright suck a teachers cock to get an A that`s very hot :)

hippolyte 2010.10.06
Ah. If only this were for real

bustlover38 2010.10.04
Nice game but could do with some prompts

jeanmimel 2010.10.02
very easy game ... i like it

esprit101 2010.10.02
the game stops when she bring down his pants! is it a bug??

wingrob14 2010.09.30
Hot game... part two is great

D1ld0 2010.09.25
how to play? i`m stuck at after she pull down his pants...

gizmo001 2010.09.24
good game just work on the controls

Hyperwolf 2010.09.24
Good game but was a little bit too long

fmeyen 2010.09.22
Good graphics, nice story, very good game.

genz44 2010.09.21
This game has potential, but it`s bogged down by slow transitions and some confusing "mini-games". However, the girls are hot and the variety is welcome.

biro 2010.09.20
Goooooooood! Pusooy`s great game ever!

Mslooj 2010.09.19
Tried many times, but couldn`t load the game.

Linzy 2010.09.17
reale nice game...........
like it......

freddycrs 2010.09.17
Great game! good graphics, could use a little prompting though could be difficult to find where to move the mouse

SurvivalistX 2010.09.16
graphics could be a little better

tophe35 2010.09.15

YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

yasarzenginoglu 2010.09.13
This game is very nice and cool...

nurlisyah 2010.09.03
wow!!!!interesting games!!

maklas 2010.09.02
good fucking game,i like it

pratik5887 2010.09.02
its part 2 is also a great really liked it

ranmagh01 2010.09.01
Great animations. A very nice game that was interesting. Can`t wait for more.

pratik5887 2010.08.30
this game is amazing..it feels like a real

Kotton24 2010.08.30
very good job on the graphics and detail work, yea everyones right could be a little shorter

McOneTape 2010.08.29
there should be more hitns what to do, like find a hotspot.

Also the game speed should be increased!

corporate player 2010.08.29
Really slow gameplay and bad graphics

BiggMitch 2010.08.29
Great game, Abit to long though

james86 2010.08.28
needs more interaction. v boring

Nimrod 2010.08.26
Needs more direction like find hot spot or move curser. I have tried to play this more then once and don`t know if there are bugs or if I`m doing something wrong when I get to points where nothing is happening. Twice now at the begining I got the guys pants off then nothing else happens and I know there is more.

humptypkt 2010.08.24
Game takes to long, i got bored with it

marronaro69 2010.08.24
nice game, a little bit loud to load but nice

lombardie 2010.08.23
Short game but nice features and nice bj acton

coolguy456 2010.08.23
Extremely slow yet nice graphics. Similar to the Farm Girl game. I don`t really recommend it because of the low speed that it takes for the animations to finish.

kpyrinikos 2010.08.23
Very good game. but it is a little long. This long of a game needs a save option, or save points. the code xhi solve many problems.

yrac 2010.08.22
Good game good graphics but slow and hard to play.

yomama60 2010.08.21
i liked it the graphics were alright but over all i liked it

rickyrick 2010.08.21
good game esp in part 2!
but the storyline`s too long.

max29 2010.08.20
great game love the story line

kpyrinikos 2010.08.20
nice girls, but too long discussions with no optional anwers and too long animation scenes. Boring.

leuciuc 2010.08.20
Very nice game ... i wish other cheerleaders would join the game

loucooley 2010.08.18
the games good with good stories
many girls but the game control is hard and there arent many hints

mark_20100 2010.08.13
after the first part i cant seem to figure out the second part any help would be appreciated

paragon117 2010.08.11
I kinda wish the game would move along quicker

zabook666 2010.08.10
byee baby kiss me ass!!

eswr 2010.08.09
game freezes can`t move anything after awhile, suggest technical updates

cile 2010.08.09
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

thochter81 2010.08.07
this is a great game from pusooy. I love this game farmers daughter is also great. nice graphic

SHREDDER2012 2010.08.07
The game needs tehnical work done. Can`t move anthing. just been guessing

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.06
game looked like it might be good if i could actually play it. seems like it froze near the beginning and i couldn`t get it working again.

Stretchball 2010.08.05
Did anyone else try part 2? Get anywhere?

rednack74 2010.08.04
great game love the story line

lattepiu 2010.08.04
I love this game, the kind like this, so special

king85 2010.08.03
very cool game.. but slow progress.. and takes time..

CactusZ 2010.07.29
I loved this game. Can`t wait for them to do another one like it!

Lugia 2010.07.26
great game, graphics could have been better.

Newguy 2010.07.26
The game takes forever to load, not bad if you can get past that flaw.

Phantom69 2010.07.24
Game seems to keep freezing.. And quite slow..

shadowtyler 2010.07.23
good game but is hard to play

coldhot87 2010.07.22
the story is nice and graphic is good, but game is too slow.

pablo76 2010.07.22
I don`t get it, nothing is moving. They just stare at eachother.

vacuole 2010.07.21
game is not good enough, graphics r poor n also much slow

mancano75 2010.07.18
i just cant get into the game. it just moves way too slow the graphics arent that good. to me it reads like a really old game especially when compared to some of the others on here

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Got stuck part way through and just cannot seem to finish this one.

tadasas 2010.07.17
very slowly with ansvers and need beter graphic

byder 2010.07.17
realy worth five star........

algerloo 2010.07.17
very cool game.. but slow progress.. and takes time..

lesboluvr00 2010.07.12
ehh i got stock, or maybe it just froze i dont know, anyway i was just at the part in the beginning where they go into that closet haha, nothings wroking, any help?

Gemman67 2010.07.11
to slow game play , takes to long to load.

skarch 2010.07.09
good looking game with promise, but the horrible game play made me give up.

vitali 2010.07.06
nice girls, but too long discussions with no optional anwers and too long animation scenes. Boring.

VirgoDragon 2010.07.05
Yet another great game. Kinda long but well worth it! Good job!

Law 2010.07.04
great cut scenes but to long

wimLOD 2010.07.01
good game but loding was a bit long

jack00 2010.06.29
little slow but great game

squirt2302 2010.06.29
It was a pretty good game, but it was a bit slow though

Ethan81 2010.06.28
NOT the best game, too slow

netman 2010.06.27
A little lengthy but a fun game and good graphics.

animalistic 2010.06.27
i couldnt play this game
it keeps sendding me to some web site

silver12 2010.06.24
way too slow, very boring

chiefton 2010.06.20
Had trouble in the equipment room, no hints and slow gameplay

zander512 2010.06.17
It was a good game, kinda hard but it was great.

lunarhugs 2010.06.16
This game is so frustrating,so close and yet so far every time

Bond69 2010.06.14
Too Much Slow it`s too much take time to load but nice game

LariatQ 2010.06.11
Game play is very poor, because the arrow "links" to move between scenes are only displayed intermittently, and affect the entire game. This may be the result of too many requests from the flash program, overloading the server IRQs, the flashing lights, sound track, and character interaction seem to be fighting for priority, and the links to move the scenes suffer the consequences. I like it, but it does take a very long time to get through. It ends with a summation of each character, following graduation.

thingssuchas 2010.06.11
i like this game it takes awhile to load but i like

mxq145 2010.06.10
slow, a bit to long, but a good game.

dirtyangelface 2010.06.09
I couldn`t get very far because it was very unclear what the controls are. Some hint at least would be nice.

Tweek64 2010.06.03
Good game nice animations

tobias17 2010.06.02
good game. but pusooy (pogrammer) has problems with the controls in his games. difficult to play. ps: use a mouse not a touch pah

val2062 2010.05.31
very good game!good but to long!good graphics &sound.good story

Reborn777 2010.05.31
Very interesting gameplay...but graphics can definitely be improved

chiller10 2010.05.19
ggod one...but not very east to play

warriorofgod13 2010.05.18
This is a great game. i love the graphics

abott_hero 2010.05.17
graphic and animation is great.

Eguy 2010.05.17
I like the interactions in the game. You should make more of this. The graphics go well with the interactions. keep it up

woody12 2010.05.16
Excellent graphics and game , very good quality.

TroelsHH 2010.05.10
the game is okay and the graphic is nice

redtex 2010.05.10
great game. use cursor and pay attention to markers

radical1 2010.05.09
nice game.. good graphics.. fantast.

Williaam 2010.05.07
Not bad, but a little bit too long :/

boinky 2010.05.06
A nice game, love the interaction

xxxboyxxx 2010.05.04
yes, im stuck in the game, she just got his pants off and licked but now im stuck

Kalaam 2010.05.02
great game. Cindy is really hot. part two is hard and slow.

gilly 2010.05.01
generally gameplay,animation and graphics were acceptable

Strider33 2010.05.01
really good game, but you need a little patience to solve all the puuzzles

Tsugumo 2010.04.30
Its a decent game fun and exciting

Bearcat20 2010.04.30
good game, a little slow and a little difficult to play

lss 2010.04.30
game is really good but the scenes are too long and hard to play.

foghorn 2010.04.29
Yeah, I have to agree with the comments about it being hard to play and not very straightforward. Nice graphics though.

LP83 2010.04.28
Great game, tho the gameplay is kinda hard

mimis 2010.04.28
sorry cant make a good comment cause i didnt understand what should i do

glue2305 2010.04.25
not a bad game i like the interactions and graphics are pretty good

lovesmallones 2010.04.24
Great game. Hot graphics and great story.

dave_gibbo24601 2010.04.23
The graphics are good but incredibly confusing gameplay

rodgerg28 2010.04.21
not that good not clear enough

Ph30n1xzero 2010.04.20
Nice game, but a bit long

massagista 2010.04.14
A good game, but I dont think it deserves 5 star...

r1der 2010.04.14
good graphics and decent animation but I got fed up with trying to initiate any action. poor user interface with no assistance

stevie 2010.04.13
excellent game, but is it over with the nerd in the surveillance room watching everyone? cant get by that scene

1911 2010.04.13
grafix are a bit slow but it`s still a good one

Abnrml 2010.04.12
long load time but very worth it

BoobyP 2010.04.12
Brilliant game, hope there is a version 3.
Both story and length are great. Great variety in girls and action too

BoobyP 2010.04.12
Really long, but really great game!

weekendpoker 2010.04.12
best anamation on the net great game lots of fun

itower 2010.04.10
wierd game nothin g to do nothing to see got fed up

k75strider 2010.04.08
This game blows! There are no hints as to how to initiate any of the action. Part 2 is confusing. Skip this one!

f123456789 2010.04.07
Perfect game but its way longer than i expected

slapchop 2010.04.07
was looking good then the game kept freezing

Ranta_90 2010.04.06
good idea but a bit to long as said before

LoLB 2010.04.06
good game, but a bit long to play

alkiki 2010.04.06
thats right eventhought its goood but its too long as u saied

Demolt 2010.04.06
I finished part 1, part 2 is stuck at 18% loading.... maybe later

raudix 2010.04.05
Interesting plot and gameplay.

weekendpoker 2010.04.05
cheerleader 1 and 2 are great a little long but lots of action

shishkabob 2010.04.04
I finished part 1, part 2 is stuck at 18% loading.... maybe later

badboys 2010.04.04
this game is very good one of the best game out there

allerym 2010.04.04
nice game... he sounds like dying at the climax:D

sexstarved 2010.04.04
Like this a lot but seems to need a lot of mouse work which is pain on a laptop touchpad!

Redrider 2010.04.04
awesome game, the cheerleader is very well graphically rendered

Youbeloose 2010.04.03
Not my favorite game. Kinda slow. It was an ok game tho

volodya67 2010.04.01
I wanted to like this game but it was SUPER slow, and the gameplay was confusing. Often I couldn`t tell if the game was running on its own schedule like a movie, or if me clicking on things really had any effect at all.

KiLgHaRraH 2010.03.30
why do it have to link to other site? anyway it is quite cool

gekoc 2010.03.29
nice game... he sounds like dying at the climax. lolz

reaper613 2010.03.28
yes love it! i wish i had this much fun in highschool

Flasher1 2010.03.28
good game agree with others long and slow at times
thanks tothoughs who make these games wish i could

sjw05 2010.03.27
this game is very nice to play!

Anti-material 2010.03.27
Graphics arent the best in the world, and the gameplay is kind of confusing...

iqm 2010.03.24
Very long, rewarding game, though the pacing can be pretty bad at time.

dgbear 2010.03.23
good game wonce you get it to load

cardinal66 2010.03.23
fantasic game, enjoyed all the various story lines. Wasn`t difficult to accomplish but not too easy to make it boring either

Xanitos 2010.03.22
pretty good once you figure it out, graphics aren`t bad either.

donos 2010.03.21
Very goog gaem A bit tedious at times but very good nonetheless

remaf69 2010.03.20
very good game ... but hope they made it more realistic like movement being able to control freely

essemje 2010.03.20
great game, loved the graphics, there was a bug at the end of level 2 though

aonoelda 2010.03.19
the console function is troublesome and difficult to play

blueflames_38 2010.03.19
everyone loves cheerleaders lol

madmaxxlr 2010.03.18
you got to love them cheerleaders. its a good game

dracogaurd 2010.03.18
I`m stuck at the begining i can`t play..how come?

Snejbjerg 2010.03.17
A bit long, but otherwise a great game.

michael-two-big 2010.03.16
Thats the best one. Cute girls, great storyline. Two Parts.


zetor 2010.03.15
super game, but a little too long

zetor 2010.03.15
nice game with great graphics

whitemox 2010.03.15
The second part is a very dumb clicking orgy, very slow, very boring.

tayyaba7c 2010.03.13
i cant play this game. Some white circle with comes and game doesnt start...

oteropablo 2010.03.11
Very good game but a little large to get the action.

halava 2010.03.10
great, intresting game with good graphic!

hopeful 2010.03.09
Anyone know what to do at the beginning of the second part?

mimmaccio 2010.03.07
fantastico!!! divertente ed eccitante!!!

fredodido 2010.03.03
Very good game!! Not easy to control, but when that`s it, it`s awesome

abc1234 2010.02.26
the game was good but way to slow

yoyo 2010.02.26
Now that I`ve finished the game I want to take back my earlier reservations. Yes there are some rough spots with the timing. I don`t care. This game rocks.

Evil Dave 2010.02.26
Very long, but hey, it is fun!!!!!!! Just amazing animation and I liked how each character had their own quirks. Controls are not similar to many other games and take a while to get used to, but once u get the hang of it it`s awesome. Really really great games, can`t recommend them enough.

xx76 2010.02.23
The game takes too long. Needs to be faster paced.

Doffer 2010.02.22
"Slow response time, but the girls are very hot in this game. Liked the 2 different games in one also."

Yes, slow response :/ But it was nice anyway.

TapOut 2010.02.22
Slow response time, but the girls are very hot in this game. Liked the 2 different games in one also.

yoyo 2010.02.21
It takes time to figure out the mouse-gesture controls, and they`re not perfect, but this is an awesome game. Mix these girls with Ariane from the dat-sim, and add just a little more wit and I`d be in heaven.

chaktie 2010.02.21
The greatest game ever..., great chiks, greatest visual, and great job...! Congratlation...

djmad 2010.02.21
real nice game... loved the blowjob

richw 2010.02.21
good game....nicely done (but then again i was always a fan of cheerleeders.......)

wtcjrusa 2010.02.20
I love this game, the blowjob at the start is hot!

masooo 2010.02.20
Fantastic game! nice play....

mac490 2010.02.19
The game takes too long. Needs to be faster paced.

ruyven 2010.02.18
fantastic game... there is just something about cheerleaders

slagus 2010.02.17
fun game kinda slow, could use some more story

Brewman 2010.02.15
Finally made all way through

tanbir90 2010.02.14
great game to play but bit slow.

barney200212 2010.02.12
really slow game to start

Slifer91 2010.02.10
great game. Cindy is really hot. part two is hard and slow.

mh9622 2010.02.10
good game, good graphics more games like this one would be good.

lopos 2010.02.09
Grafically awesome,girls expecially Cindy are so hot.Maybe it is not very intuitive in its mechanism at the beginning.Part two is very difficult.

Top Cat 2010.02.09
couldnt figure it out & its pretty slow too...

Daykland 2010.02.08
Fun game, nice graphics, good action hard to find the right spots at first but when you got it going it`s great

KattHart 2010.02.07
Really nicely put together game, very enjoyable.

patou 2010.02.06
super jeu avec une histoire assez longue certains passages sont trops faciles

billcook 2010.02.05
a great game, game plea abit slow

wolfblitzer54 2010.02.02
i cannot figure this game out

Ricardo Almeida 2010.01.31
Good game and grafics but too slow.....

kiko100 2010.01.30
i was good but it was slow

chuckieb 2010.01.30
Has anybody figured out part 2? I get to a certain point and nothing I try works.

Kudzu 2010.01.29
A little old school but still a fun game. A little fuzzy on part two tho.

parrishfan11 2010.01.29
I just can`t figure out what to do in this!!!

Omegathrasher 2010.01.29
good game, good graphics and very interesting concept, more games like this one would be good.

Ricoh124 2010.01.28
Good game, long and varied. would be better if downloaded and saved.

alexus68 2010.01.28
Slow to load; also would be nice if it was a little more straight forward...

qria 2010.01.26
best 3d online game ever!!! I hope they make more games like this

darius 2010.01.26

mondale 2010.01.25
Definitely needs instructions for how to control the actions.

sentaiblue 2010.01.25
nice game long game to good game to look at

dar 2010.01.25
Thhis I think is one of the best games

angelo8414 2010.01.24
Fantastic game! nice play....

chrose 2010.01.21
great cut scenes but to long

quietone1978 2010.01.18
part one was great, but part too takes too long to load up all the transition scenes to make it worth playing sorry

bambooboy 2010.01.17
wow this game is great.. transitions between scenes can be lengthy but very hot

wtcjrusa 2010.01.17
Excellent game ! good graphics , very good gameplay, very erotic

tongue81 2010.01.08
a hot one with very cute girls. very good

fuzzyt 2010.01.07
Fun Fun Fun... sometimes a little long winded

Jakester 2010.01.03
I like cheerleaders but this one is a little to hard to play...

samson 2010.01.01
Very nice game, some scenes are too long, and you can get stucked, but still one of my favorites.

jazztheman 2009.12.31
The game suck but the graphics are nice

deathdealer 2009.12.29
the game was good but it was slow and graphits sucked

raziel 2009.12.28
wow!!! nice, i like to play 3d h-game!!!!! this game is hoot

5528 2009.12.27
wow!!! nice, i like to play 3d h-game!!!!!

BIG-BEAST 2009.12.27
Cracking game, would be even better if the cindy took her top off.

whitemox 2009.12.20
Interesting game. Takes some time, but good graphics and story.

walkwire 2009.12.20
I don``t understand this gama is very slow

curious_meg88 2009.12.19
I really didn`t like this game. Hard to understand.

kvs5150 2009.12.15
good gam a little slow sometimes. Get the code!

withshark 2009.12.10
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

willxtrem90 2009.12.10
I love this game, really amazing

zim1 2009.12.08
Brilliant graphics but a bit slow to get moving. High replay value

nillax2k 2009.12.06
bit too long but interesting otherwise

stefan1511 2009.11.29
very good game!good but to long!good graphics &sound.good story

justin 23 2009.11.27
this game is 100 the best

dunk0303 2009.11.21
i liked it, but it took some getting used to!

alexshc 2009.11.20
The graphic is excellent. But how to play this game? There is no instruction to use the mouse or keyboard?

Scamper5 2009.11.20
Slow game, but visually appealing

rrockerr55 2009.11.19
cool game is there a walkthrough

mylastdisguise 2009.11.18
Not really a fan, its to difficult

bombtech24 2009.11.18
No fun to hard to figure out

hozer 2009.11.18
Fun play good grafics story line fun challenging to find right action

PaychecksDK 2009.11.18
uhm how does this game load? all I am seeing is a circle with a gamepad in it and nothing is happening??

astra 2009.11.17
amazing game but slow respon. Stuck server in the midle game make frustate

cschamel 2009.11.15
There is no discernable relationship between what is done with the mouse and what happens in the game - makes the long scenes and SLOW response time totally frustrating.

Xyzzy 2009.11.15
Excellent graphics, great complex story, but....too slow, too long to play, too hard to figure out what`s next, too easy to get lost and frustrated. I would have given up if I hadn`t found a walkthrough. Maybe a few well placed hints about what to do next, sort of like Farmer`s Daughter?

itunes 2009.11.13
so hot. love cheerleaders

lewa26 2009.11.13
good game but why is it in 2 parts

irishguy45 2009.11.11
i like the game its part two you need to play part 1 to understand the story

thetheif 2009.11.10
it`s funy game i like it`s but solw i hope if it`s fast

donnyjhn 2009.11.10
scenes are way too long, ok graphics, but needs more control

rahnkev 2009.11.09
amazing game. this is exactly what i am looking for in a game. great graphics, great action. more like this any day

sellinch 2009.11.09
Too slow , funny but too long and boring

chiefherron 2009.11.07
it takes a while to get use too it and it is slow

zap316 2009.11.07
This is a pretty cool game a litte slow thu but its still good

thawk2048 2009.11.06
Good game, but it keeps getting stuck.

yeloman 2009.11.06
nice game but not esy to starrt

storm 2009.11.06
Awesome great game but it was to long

Mandrab 2009.11.06
very slow game, kinda boring some times

mrabc123 2009.11.06
its a good game, very hot girls but its too slow

Wolfed77 2009.11.06
Fun game. Needs some more scences.

icedragon4 2009.11.05
good game but a little hart to play

bateri 2009.11.05
great game with good graphic make more games like these

hiner300 2009.11.04
Awesome game. Anyone want a good fuck

spenracq2 2009.11.04
takes a long time between scenes

shizzy 2009.11.04
I luv this game they are easy and ok to give you a lil stiffler.

rockingout007 2009.11.03
I don`t understand how to play this game. The cheerleader and the teacher just stand there. Help?

justin fancher 22 2009.11.03
this game was 100 percent the best

Alucard97 2009.11.03
Damn pusooy can make some good games. Neways, its got some good quality, and I just love 3D looking games. 100/100.

b3d0w 2009.11.03
excellent, i love this game, (part 2) its really long but worth it. the length is the only thing that stops me playing over and over. more like this please!

bossman09 2009.11.02
Another great game by a great group.. Love all their games.. :)

chris123 2009.11.02
great game with good graphic make more games like these

dennis 2009.11.02
very good game even though its loud

walrus13 2009.10.31
This is the best game pussooy has put out so far. Many scenes and scenarios all mixed into one game

qwerty-azerty 2009.10.31
Very good game, I want to become a farmer now !

sahabjee 2009.10.30
I`m a country boy, and I think this game is one of the best games i`ve ever played!

Wojna 2009.10.29
good, game, nice girl, fine fuck =)

raagric31263 2009.10.29
nice game a bit slow, but nice anyway

Pekkz 2009.10.28
good game, but to much waiting

bestfx 2009.10.28
Really long, but really great game!

johnwharfen 2009.10.27
totally lost on how to play this thing

trayter 2009.10.27
Excellent game love those cheerleaders!

kohtet 2009.10.26
nice graphic and so hot ... i like this game

christophe67170 2009.10.26
hot u must play the 2 parts

juleverne 2009.10.26
Very good game. Good graphics and good story.

bullchief 2009.10.26
a good game. bit slow in the movement but great graphics. Part 2 is better than part 1.

necromancer 2009.10.26
Doesn`t work for me or something. I don`t know why but it just sits there.
And I`m using Firefox.

sandman 2009.10.26
very good game lil to much noise

thomc 2009.10.25
Annoying game.. I never knew what to do or how to interact with the any of the caracters..

paki74 2009.10.25
Really nice game and also a long game.I really liked it!

mgd12 2009.10.25
good game but long hard to know what to do on some scenes

anonymous91792 2009.10.25
Game freezes up to much. Need more direction on what is going on. Other than that, graphics are great.

thematrix 2009.10.24
Brilliant game, hope there is a version 3.
Both story and length are great. Great variety in girls and action too

ichigo 2009.10.24
i give the game five stars

projgo 2009.10.24
Great graphics , great storyline ... well a 100 points game

weromont 2009.10.23
The Play was got on glory. Either as all plays from "Pusooy" Wait new))

Pwlkane 2009.10.23
P.S. Cheat code is : xhi

markus101 2009.10.23
i can`t seem to load this game

BeRotten 2009.10.22
Another great game..long, but worth the time.

Minion4876 2009.10.22
That game made no sense to me and it really had no flow to it.

snoopy129 2009.10.21
Not enough action. But nice graphics

emily19922 2009.10.21
the game was great but it was to longgggggggggggg

UserNumberOne 2009.10.21
Doesn`t work for me or something. I don`t know why but it just sits there.
And I`m using Firefox.

Chewy85 2009.10.20
Really good game, but a bit glitchy for me. I got all the way through it, Part 1 and 2. It took a while to register some options or just plain froz up.

marmar 2009.10.20
I LOVED IT!!!! loading is slow!!! but amazing graphics!

marty5marty 2009.10.20
This game rules! although the manual thing is kinda slow, other than that....lovely!

buji79 2009.10.20
One of the greatest game here.Oh yeah :)

ekimus83 2009.10.20
erm, it doesn`t load for me, using firefox with flashplayer10. any1 can help?

xpertcunilingus 2009.10.19
Not a bad game, responds rather slowly making it hard to figure out. Would have liked an "internal" finish.

woody 2009.10.19
this has to be the best pussoy game ever it goes on for ages well worth the time it takes to finish it

crankyseb 2009.10.19
Yeah, I have to agree with the comments about it being hard to play and not very straightforward. Nice graphics though.

Cool Dave 2009.10.19
good game, nice graphic, too long, and hard to play

Kasei 2009.10.19
Good graphics, but a bit hard to play

ks 2009.10.19
the game is way too slow.

cwenzel333 2009.10.19
Slow to load; also would be nice if it was a little more straight forward...

randy06 2009.10.19
like this game heaps but am trying to workit got stuck

Dropkick 2009.10.19
Nice games, but as everyone else has commented, its a bit too long and there are no save points.

georgiaboy 2009.10.19
Its kinda boring at first,but i got into it. The creator put together a nice story. A teacher and a cheerleader has alway been the best sexually couple.

TTDP 2009.10.19
Very good game. This long of a game needs a save option, or save points. Very long game

cheese101 2009.10.19
great game,dont mind the talking,gives the game a point...
missing the first part tho,this is the 2nd...

bill98661 2009.10.19
Very good game. but it is a little long. This long of a game needs a save option, or save points

ronnyponny 2009.10.18
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

dx61005 2009.10.18
The game`s too slow to load, not responsive.

charlie38 2009.10.18
nice game, a little bit loud to load but nice

gaf 2009.10.18
game was gd but it was abit to long lol

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